What is the good life? My experience at the Harm Museum of Art

During my trip to the Harn Museum it helped me gain a better understanding of the meaning of the good life. I learned that art is much more than paint on a canvas. I learned that different pieces of art serve different meanings for different people. During my trip at the museum I enjoyed looking at the different art and reading the descriptions of the art work. I learned about different mediums of art, how the art relates myself, and how it relates to the good life.

Medium of the Art & Technique of the Artist

This piece of art work is titled "Barbie Girl." the artist is Rania Matar. The medium used in this piece was photography. This picture was taken while people were watching a wrecking ball destroy their homes in Haret Hreik, Beirut. This picture is of a mother smiling at her little girl. I found this piece of art work appealing for its medium because anyone can take pictures but finding the prefect shot is difficult.

Design of the Museum

I liked the layout of the museum because of the modern feel and how nicely the exhibits flowed. The exhibit with the video simulations was one of my favorites. This piece called "Living in History" really caught my eye. This piece was a video with people following each other. I really liked this piece because of what it represents. I think this piece represents that history repeats itself and because of this we are all living in history.

Art & Core Values

This piece of work is called "Tokyo Streets with Pachinko Parlor II," by Yvonne Jacquette. I think this piece relates to one of my core values of remembering where I came from. I think this piece relates to my core value because it reminds me of home. This piece reminds me of home because the rushing cars, flashing lights, and people walking. All of the elements from this piece resemble downtown Jacksonville. This piece helped me realize I can find a piece of home in everything I do and everywhere go. This piece helped me realize that I should never forget my roots.

Art & the Good Life

I think this piece conveys the theme of platos good life. This piece is titled "Three girls holding hands" by Sebastiao Salgado. Salgado is known for his pictures of communities around the world that were effected from property, industrialization, and political oppression. This picture was taken in Paraiba, Brazil, which is a part of Brazil that suffers from droughts because of the droughts people who live in the countryside have to more to the city. I think this piece relates to Platos good life because they are both related to communities coming together. Plato's good life is based on community and helping one another. I think this piece relates to Plato's good life because the people who live in the city are helping out their community by helping the people of the countryside during a tough time.

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