Enviroment How to save the enviroment

What's the Enviroment

Environment (Biophysical), The Physical And Biological Factors Along With Their Chemical Interactions That Affect An Organism Or A Group Of Organisms

The Enviroment in Spain


The Environmental Pollution Is One Of The Aspects Of The Environmental Spanish. Problematics, Which Stems From Our Current Model Of Development. When One Speaks About Environmental Pollution One Refers To The Presence In The Environment Of Any Agent, Or Agents' Combination (Physicists, Chemical Or Biological), In Forms And Concentrations That Could Turn Out To Be Harmful To The Health, The Well-Being Of The Population Or Harmful To The Vegetable Or Animal Life

How can we help to protect to the environment?

From house we can help with many ways to protect and take care to our environment. Sometimes we think that each of us we cannot do very much, but, nevertheless, there exist many measures, which need a lot of time nor too much effort, to help to protect and to take care of our planet
2) It is advisable to dry the clothes outdoors
3) It Is advisable the trips avoid in car,
4) To avoid to leave the water running when we wash the teeth or the hands, we have a shower
5) not to buy things that do not need,
6) To recycle everything,
7) To avoid the use of disposable articles


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