Recycling: Containers vs Bags Association of Items container conversion

Mission Statement

Waste is a huge issue. The Association of Items Container Conversion has a goal to get rid of plastic food packaging. Instead of having food packaged in plastic, or other wrapping that is not recyclable, we plan to make sure food items are packaged inside reusable containers such as mason jars or mini plastic boxes with lids. Plastic containers and mason jars will help reduce waste and it will make it easier for people to reuse their containers for other types of food storage.

Mason jars are good storage items for food and drinks. They can also be used as cups.

Membership Benefits

Frequently Asked Questions

(1) Q: What types of food packaging are recyclable?

A: There are many ways to recycle food wrappers. Everything made out of paper or cardboard is recyclable. Also, some wrappers that are made out of plastic will have a recycling label on them.

(2)Q: Will the cost of items increase?

A: The cost of items may increase but the cost will be diversely worth it. The cost will help go towards packaging items in those containers.

(3)Q: What types of items will be packaged in these containers?

A: Items that will be packaged will be anything from food to clothing to medications. Food will be packaged in small containers and clothing will be packaged in correctly sized boxes.

(4) Q: Can you support this interest group without becoming a member?

A: No, you must only become a member in order to support our interest group.

(5) Q: If a member tells their friends about this interest group, are there any more benefits members could receive for giving referrals?

A: A member is able to receive points to use at different retail locations that are in support of the interest group.

For More Information Here is a link to statistics about waste and pollution to the environment. -Here is a link to find a recycling center near you if you are ever looking for a place to take your recycled items. -Here is a link that helps you find out what types of items that are recyclable. -This is a link to an article that helps describe how shopping local can help the environment and shipping faster. -This link describes the best ways to use storage containers.


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