Crimes against woman By tyler Bryant

Definition - Hate crimes against woman, The number of hate crimes against woman, as well as the increase and decrease of rape and other statistical physical/sexual violence against woman.

  1. Did You know? 1. In between 15 and 76 percent of woman are targets if not victims of some sort of physical/sexual abuse in their life time 2. Most vilonce against woman occurs within an intimate relation ship 3. approximately 84 percent of all cases are not reported in regards to crimes against woman

What can you do? 1. Join a support group 2. Make donations to different charities and support groups. 3. Work on educating and promoting gender equality in schools, primarily focusing more in the elementary and middle schools levels. 4. Most importantly, bring greater attention to the problem in general by talking and educating the people and friends around you. 5. Try to make it easier for government to implement new ideals that can even out the economic gape between males and females.

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