Welcome To New York The empire STate

Did you know that the state flower is a rose, the state muffin is a apple muffin, and that the state fruit is a apple?
In 1609 Henry Hudson explored the Hudson river along New York. During this travel he traded with American Indians tried to find a mystical "middle passage" During the American Revolution the Thirteen colonies won many battles. New York became a state in 1788. New York was the twelfth state to join the United States.
One of New York"s saddest, historic moments was 9/11, which is a really sensitive topic to grownups. On that day, hijacked planes hit the two twin towers the affects killed almost 3,000 people. Although this day was sad, many people committed huge acts of bravery. After this, they built the Empire State Building, which was completed in 2014. It is now the largest building in America and one of the largest buildings in the world. The Statue Of Liberty was a gift from France that was completed in the 1800s. This statue symbolises a welcome to immigrants far wide.
Here are three famous people: Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the president during WW11 and and a man with a wheel chair, Theodore Roosevelt who helped strengthen the army and make treaties with foreign countries, and Sojourner Truth, a runaway slave who was the first to speak out against slavery.

In conclusion, New York is a place of history, tragedy, and famous people. Sometimes, their are happy times, and sometimes, they are sad. They can also bring out famous people who change history. "Welcome to New York, It's been waiting for you."


Created with images by Ladycliff - "New York - New York City from Circle Line - 22 June 1985" • Vegan Feast Catering - "Cranapple Muffins" • Lieutenant Pol - "rose" • www.metaphoricalplatypus.com - "Apple" • tinto - "New York City" • Thomas Shahan 3 - "Illustration for Green Mansions by Keith Henderson - c.1930" • Serge Melki - "Indy Photo Coach - George Washinton Statue" • Glyn Lowe Photoworks. - "World Trade Center 9-11 Tribute of Light 2012" • Unsplash - "empire state building new york city skyscraper" • m01229 - "Hazy Statue of Liberty" • Gildardo - "Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial" • mandalariangirl - "Theodore Roosevelt 1901-1909" • juliejordanscott - "Sojourner Truth"

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