Reform movement period 4 By: Deana shackelford

The foundation of reform

some of the american society came out to move through the contrey, wfor new religious beliefs, which also creates debates on how to create a democracy that is citizen-led, and it is also independent of political parties, who share all aim, another movement in the reform movement was the transcendentalism movement, which representing a goodness of man.

The abolitionists movement was to end slavery wether if it was formed of informed, also a movement to end the Indian and slave trade and set them free.

It all started when two ladies named Lucretia Mott and Elizabeth cady Stanton , went to a convection in London called the antislavery convection in 1840, but because they women they couldn't talk about the slave trade or slavery, so them as women have only a few legal rights like they can vote or hold the office, so they both decided that they should hold a convention called the Seneca Falls Convension for all women to have equality.

Was an attempt to improve conditions inside prisons in order to establish the effects of the penal system.

An fundamental human right and essential for the exercise of all other human rights, and yet over a million children and adults remain deprived of educational opportunities.

Was a argument for alcohol comsumption or use its political influence to press the government to enact alcohol laws.

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