Humpback What a giant alligator spotting means for conservation efforts

How is this alligator sighting related to conservations and wildlife preservation?

On Sunday, January 15th, there was a sighting of a huge alligator in a Florida nature reserve, something that wildlife conservationists are ecstatic about.

Florida is home to many American Alligators, but an especially large individual, estimated to be 12 feet long was caught on film this weekend, but what does it mean for wildlife conservation?

According to National Geographic, ‘“This was a species that was persecuted, almost to extinction, so the population had been reduced,”’ said the curator of reptiles at the Los Angeles Zoo. However, many conservationists have been trying to bring the population back, and it seems to be working.

As National Geographic said, “Many scientists think that alligators can continue growing throughout their whole life, which can last 70 or 80 years”

Since we found such a huge alligator, this means that alligators are no longer being hunted as much and living to be older. It is always good to know that conservation efforts are being successful. This sighting is great news for nature conservationists.

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