ABC's Of Africa By alonzo mickens

A is for Africa

The second largest county in the world. Was part of the super continent Pangaea

B stands for Britain

Britain colonized the African country Kenya.

C stands for Cario

Cairo is the capital of Egypt. It is best known for all of its pyramids and the City of the Dead.

D stands for Dutch

It colonized South Africa which is one of the largest growing countries.

E stands for Egyptians

They build the great Pyramids and were one of the first dynasty.

F stands for The Fang Tribe

There were 800,000 thousand of there people.They were one of the most thriving tribes

G stands for Giza

It it is known for its sphinx. It was founded at 642AD

H stands for Hutu

They killed 800,000 Tutsi. It was the biggest Genocide in history.

l stands for Islam

Islam is the second biggest religion in the world which is Monotheistic.

J stands for Johannesburg

It is one of the biggest cities in Africa, and it is one of the weathest ones too

K stands for king Tut

Was a ruler in Egypt. Son of one o the first female ruler. Was youngest ruler. Tomb was made of solid gold.

L stands for Language

Swahili is one of the most used language with more than 100,000 speakers. Arabic is mostly spoke, in the east.

M stands for Mansa Musa

Was the richest man in history and ruler of the Mali Empire.

N stands for Nelson Mandela

Was president of South Africa. Civil rights activist

O stands for Oil

Is one of the biggest natural resources

P stands for Prophet

Prophets names Moses and Mohammed.

Q stands for Quran

The Holy Book of Islam. Sacred word of God.

R stands for Rwanda

They was a civil war in the country called the Rwandan Genocide.. They had the biggest genocide in history.

S stands for Sahara

It is the biggest desert in the world. It is were Arabs live in Eat and West.

T stands for Tutsi

800,000 people died in the Genocide It is a sad part in there history.

U stands for Urhobo

450,000 of there people. There are very skilled artist.

V stands for Vessels

People used camels to ride through the Sahara. Large boats were used for rivers and oceans.

W stands for Western Sahara

Challenging terrain to live on. It is claimed by Morroco

X stands for Xhosa

8 million people are in it. It was an important tribe.

Y stands for Yaka

300,000 People are in it. It is one of the most important tribes.

Z stands for Zulu

Part of the four major ethnic groups. Zulu means Sky


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