The Great Escape A puzzle game centered on the quest to escape a prison. The player must complete several mazes and challenges in order to open the exit. The challenges will test the player in a variety of ways using some skill and some mental challenges.

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The Great Escape is a puzzle and strategy game with the goal of challenging the player as they attempt to escape a prison that they wake up in by completing a series of challenges. These challenges include tests of skill and mental ability as the player is asked to complete challenges such as access a lever positioned at the end of a jumping puzzle, or by answering questions that lead them through different doors and only the right path will lead to the button that opens the path to escape. Each challenge unlocks a part of the escape door and once all four challenges are completed the player will be free to leave the prison and thus win the game. The challenges and the player’s cell will be connected using a maze, this will be used to challenge the player as the travel the map so as to increase the difficulty and challenge of the game.

The story behind the game will be that the player wakes up in a prison in which they don’t know how they arrived, and must find their way out by completing a set of tasks connected to their cell, they are lead by a character named Roboy that lives in the cell with them and gives them hints on how to escape but the player must accomplish this on their own. The player will be given the freedom to go about the challenges in any order they wish but will be given a reward for each challenge to help them on the next, so this will incentivize the player to go in a certain path but allow for an increase in difficulty by going in a different order and not gaining the boost for the next challenge. All of these mechanics will combine to make a unique and challenging gaming experience for players and allow them to feel tested while enjoying the game.

What is The Great Escape?

Joseph (Joe) is the main character, which the player takes on the role of in The Great Escape. All Joe really knows about his identity is that he is “Test Subject #69420” and he knows that he doesn’t belong here and he has to find a way home. In time, Joe discovers a mysterious red, glowing tattoo on his arm which helps him throughout the challenges and unveils the uncertainty of this place as he progresses.

Roboy is the first thing the player interacts with upon waking up inside the courtyard. He introduces you to your surroundings and serves as your basic guide with tips and hints to help you throughout the game when needed. Roboy usually tries to keep you upbeat by cracking jokes and puns whenever he can think of them. However, if we are honest, robot puns are never funny.

The Warden is the overarching villain of the whole story although you know little to nothing about who he is. Characters that you meet in the labyrinth will sometimes warn you about the Warden and how he has plans to make more mazes to keep fewer people from escaping. He finds twisted pleasure from abducting people and forcing them to run through his mazes and challenges while he watches their struggles from afar.

Examples of characters in The Great Escape

The story begins with Joe waking up in a vast courtyard, dazed and confused. The walls of this courtyard are high make it feel more like a somber dungeon rather than a welcoming courtyard. What is especially odd is how this courtyard seems that it is in outer space. Throughout the course of the game, the player finds themselves progressing through at least 4 main mazes with a mental or physical challenge at the end of each maze. The scenery of this labyrinth is very rustic with cobblestone covered in moss as evidence of a long history.

The courtyard the player starts in

The player starts in a central courtyard and must progress through 4 separate mazes, each followed by a puzzle or challenge which is located in the 4 corners of the labyrinth. All challenges may be completed in any order, but Roboy will indicate a preferred order of completion. After completing each puzzle at the end of the maze, there will be a switch or button to unlock a door back in the central courtyard.

If the puzzles are completed in the order specified by Roboy, then there will be a chest at the end of each puzzle that contains an item that will make completing future puzzles easier. Examples of items are armor, potions, or food which can enhance the player’s speed, jumping ability, or other helpful bonuses. Level progression in this game is based on the doors opening after each maze and challenge is completed. After all four challenges are completed then four doors will have opened in the starting courtyard and the player may finally pass through and board the spaceship.

Images of challenges and mazes in-game

This game faces social commentary on the difficulty of games in the industry today. The vast majority of games being made today aren’t as difficult as they used to be. Games are becoming too easy and so we made The Great Escape to be a challenge for players where they have to test their wits to solve puzzles and really work to overcome difficulties.

Unique features of this game are the use of a game map being a maze that leads players to different challenges making the traveling part of the game into one of the challenges the player must overcome. Another unique feature is the different and challenging puzzles or tests the player must complete along the way, each requiring the player to use their brain and skill in order to work through to the next level. The setting and story of the game are unique as well, because many games today are not puzzle related and using the setting of a maze with different tasks, or trials creates a unique environment for the players.

Currently, the game has 4 mazes and 4 challenges. There are 4 equippable armor pieces, 1 weapon, 2 consumable items, dozens of monsters, 9 non-playable characters, and 1 playable character. Play time is between 30 and 60 minutes depending on player skill level.

Deluxe features to be added in the coming months are at least 10 more consumable items, greater potion variety, at least 3 more weapons, more enemy types and combat opportunities, at least 4 more mazes and challenges, and more depth to the story development and characters.

The 4 challenges in The Great Escape are as follows. The first challenge is a parkour room where the player must jump, walk, or sprint their way across dozens of blocks and objects. The second challenge is a memory puzzle where the player must pay careful attention to their surroundings and spot the differences to get out. The third challenge is an escape room where the players wits and reflexes will be tested as they have to find the quickest way out of what seems like a locked room. The final challenge is a teleportation puzzle followed by a combat arena to test the player's strength. Details about each challenge and how to solve them are detailed in the Game Design Document and tutorials found below.

Parkour Challenge

Memory Challenge

Escape Room

Teleportation Puzzle

Combat Arena

Pledge Levels

Are you interested in this game? Would you like more content to be added and accelerate game development? If so, please consider pledging a donation to The Escapey Boiz as we continue development of The Great Escape.

Stretch Goals

If the required funding was met to increase development, there are several planned goals for the future. First, The Great Escape would be ported to another software such as Unity or Unreal Engines. This allows for much greater freedom with the art style of the game as well as the mechanics of the game that we can customize. The user interface would still have position, inventory, health, and experience, but hunger would be removed. Planned game elements to be added include customizable avatars, at least 10 more consumable items, greater potion variety, at least 3 more weapons, more enemy types and combat opportunities, at least 4 more mazes and challenges, more depth to the story development and characters, in-depth skill tree based on player experience, and more variety to environment type and art style. If funding exceeds expectations then a custom maze and challenge creator would be added for replayability and to build community involvement. A multiplayer system where players can solve puzzles together is also being planned.


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Tutorials and Walkthroughs

The Team

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The Escapey Boiz is a company that desires to develop games that are uniquely challenging in contrast to many popular games today that are becoming too easy. We named our company after our first game, The Great Escape, since we have a unique appreciation for maze and puzzle-solving games.

by Austin Moore
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Development Cycle (After Funding)

Below is our timeline for further development after funding. There are some risks involved with further game development such as our game designers low experience level with Unity. Also, almost all of us aren't graduating in December 2019 so classes will likely impede on continuing game development.

12 Month Plan by Austin Moore


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