Lift Up 101 Student of the Month: Drew Pogge #liftup101

H.C. Storm second-grade student Drew Pogge had a lightbulb moment after seeing a sign at the school where his mom teaches. It said, “Don’t be a bully, be a buddy.”

That phrase stuck with Drew.

He asked his teacher, Julie Johnson, and Principal, Anne Paonessa, if he could create “Don’t be a bully, be a buddy” signs at H.C. Storm School to serve as friendly reminders to be kind. The answer was, of course, “Yes!”

Drew said that one of his classmates became interested in the positive sign campaign and asked if he could help. After that, it was domino effect.

“Tons of kids wanted to do it,” said Drew.

Drew's entire class got behind him to create "Don't be a bully, be a buddy" messages. Pretty cool!

HCS Principal Anne Paonessa took notice of Drew's idea and how it motivated others to take action. She nominated him as a Lift Up 101 Student of the Month.

Drew, and his classmates were surprised when BPS101 Superintendent Dr. Lisa Hichens and HCS Principal Anne Paonessa came to the classroom to present Drew with a #LiftUp101 Award for his work in spreading a positive and powerful message.

His reaction was pretty cool ...

Drew and his classmates' positive energy and message, "Don't be a bully, be a buddy," are an inspiration to all.


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