Victorian Era Politics by: IRasema JImenez

In the Victoria Era Politics were a main issue caused due to awful; laws passed that affect the working class. Most of the people didn't get a say on what went on.

" you must have 10 pounds of a house to vote "

  1. Usually a house coasted up to 10 pounds as a yearly wage( $12.96 ). Most of the working class could not afford this amount and they would share beds and furniture usually rent up to a room and 3 families would manage to fit in there.
To have a right to vote for legislatures you have to be rich or inherit from an aristocrat. No woman was allowed to vote. You would be arrested and punished if you were caught protesting against a males defense. They called this the Woman Suffrage movement.

Small underpopulated towns were left out of the industrial revolution due not improving economically. Usually a poor town would not even have great resources to have a decent life. They couldn't have a drainage system to clean their water. They would eat off the floor, or starve for days. No shower to wash dirt of themselves. Kids wouldn't last a long time without proper care. If you were involved in the industrial revolution their wasn't so much positive stuff either. Kids would work 8 hour shifts at dirty factories due to their abilities to fit in small places. Smoke would be found in their lungs. People had hard working conditions in this era due to no improvements in the jobs.

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