Baseball Season Jason Dean

2017 MLB baseball season starts Monday April 3rd. Half of the teams will start this day and half will start on Tuesday. By the end of Tuesday night all teams will have played their first game of the 2017 season.
This is the Philadelphia Phillies baseball park on Opening Day 2016. The Phillies are in the NL East and play the Atlanta Braves often. The Phillies along with the Mets are two of the Braves biggest rivals.
Along with MLB, little league baseball also has recently had opening day. Little league starts at age five and you can play up until high school ball. Some high school baseball players even play a type of recreation baseball in the summer during high school.
The umpire is the referee of baseball. He makes the calls and his decision is final. There are two umpires in every game and sometimes there can be up to four depending on high stakes the game is. One umpire stands behind home plate and then other is in the field.

There are different positions on defense of baseball. First through third baseman, the pitcher and catcher, and then three outfielders. The positions are numbered and if any of the position players make an error they are labeled as E and then the number of the position.

The batter gets three strikes and four balls. Four balls is a walk and three strikes is an out.


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