God Created the Integers Nonfiction summary by Declan Olien

What is my book about?

My book talks about the strides and the people that have taken the strides to evolve math into what it has become today.

An Abacus, one of the first tools used in mathematics

What did I learn from my book?

  1. I learned that a long time ago, Pythagoras tried to base all math on arithmetic but was unable to "Arithimatize geometry" later Epidicus based all math on geometry and succeeded.
  2. I learned that √2 cannot be expressed in a fraction. √2≠p/q.
  3. I learned that math is not from one person but builded over centuries of hard work.
A simple fraction

Would I recommend this book to anyone?

If you have a strong interest in math and have the patience to read through the whole thing i would recommend this book to you, if not you're not going to enjoy it and it's a waste of your time.


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