Retrieval Practice Self-Study


I'm going to use quiz-let to get ready to a test like vibe. I have done this style of studying for three days a week and at least 30 minutes each of those days. My test scores on the Quiz-let averaging around to 78%. Compared to my test result on my Introduction into Psych class it was about the same. I even up getting a 76 in my third exam in that class. That's ten points higher than my last exam. This method help me greatly. I believe if i had done this a little bit more and longer, i would have done a lot better. Overall I am please with the results.

Reviewing Notes

The day after every class i would take my hand written notes from that lecture and type them into my laptop. I use this method to remember what we have learn. Doing this multiply times helps me to remember the material. This is one I learn things. Sometimes the material in my class relates to somethings that happened in my life or to someone else that I know.

Flash Cards

With the flash cards i would write down key tern word with the definition. Later i would review and test myself. I also would go and make my own whole questions.

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