Directions: Discover your Christian calling

As a committed Christian are you trying to find out how you could be serving God?

In the Diocese of Liverpool, we are asking God for a bigger church to make a bigger difference - more people knowing Jesus, more justice in the world.

If you’re not sure how you should or could respond to this, then Directions is the course for you. It will help you explore what God wants for you, grow your Christian calling and equip you for the next stage of your journey.

The Liverpool Diocese Rule of Life tells us all Christians are called to Pray, Read, Learn and sent to Tell, Serve, Give. Our Directions course is designed to help people grow in their inward journey of praying, reading and learning and to explore where and how God is sending them to tell, serve and give.

Who is Directions for?

Directions is for all kinds of people exploring different ways of serving God in the church and the world. It’s not just about ordination or serving God in the church.

The Bible tells us that the church has equipped God’s people for works of service (Ephesians 4:12). Directions is a course for people who want to explore or develop their Christian discipleship, both in the church and in the world.

Through the Directions course you’ll work out how you can serve God in all areas of your life, no matter where you are in your Christian journey:

  • In your place of work or leisure and your family.
  • In your community through a church ministry or as a volunteer with community groups.
  • In a role in your church - pastoral visitor, worship leader, children’s ministry, churchwarden.
  • As an ordained minister.
  • As a licensed lay minister such as Reader or Church Army.

What will I do on the Directions course?

Directions offers teaching, group discussions, personal reflection and focussed exploration over 15 sessions.

We use a lively and engaging learning style. Our two-part sessions start with worship and a presentation. After refreshments, experienced leaders facilitate small group discussions where you’ll share questions and prayer.

What’s covered on the course?

Called for a purpose - You’ll explore the question, ‘called – for what?’ You will find out what we mean by the church and the kingdom of God and how the two relate.

Called: who, why and how - You will look at who is called, why we are called and how do we know we are called. You’ll explore your gifts and ministry where God has called you to be. We will explore working together with others and the importance of mission in our world today.

Called to be sent - Together we look at our church in its community, how churches grow and how we can share our faith.

Since attending Directions... I’ve got involved in our Asylum and Refugee outreach work using my skills as a language teacher. It has been a privilege to support people at their most vulnerable to become part of a community again.
The teaching and learning was outstanding. I am bowled over by the encouragement I’ve had from both the leaders and also the congregation, it’s been such a joy. I would strongly recommend Directions to anyone who perhaps is wondering what the next step is.
When I took part in the Directions course I was an electronics engineer for an aerospace company. I didn't know what to expect when I first attended…but what I found was a group of people all exploring the call God had placed on their lives, who gave me a safe and welcoming place to explore that call myself.
Directions has been a real game changer for me. It has helped me refocus on what is important and given me the confidence to go out and get on with God’s work.
Since Directions, I’ve strengthened bonds within church. I’ve made some lovely friends and I had the confidence to start prayer shawl ministry. I’ve completed pastoral visiting training and I absolutely love it. I’m also leading services, planning services and leading prayers.
I have learnt from Directions about different ways of serving God and that anyone can come and serve in the Church with their gift. I work as a mental health support worker and I’m looking at ordination training for the future.

Next Directions Course - January 2020

Venue: St Mark’s Church, Cranwell Road, Childwall Valley, Liverpool, L25 1NZ

All sessions start at 7:15 pm and finish at 9:30 pm

  • 16th January – Connections
  • 23rd January – Church & Kingdom
  • 30th January – Being the Church
  • 6th February – What & Why of Ministry
  • 13th February – Gifts

Half Term

  • 27th February – Ministry Wherever You are
  • 5th March – Privilege & Pressure
  • 12th March – Guidance
  • 19th March – Prayer
  • 26th March – Bible


  • 23rd April – Better Together
  • 30th April – Mission Matters
  • 7th May – Church Growth
  • 14th May – Mission in our Culture
  • 21st May – Sharing Faith

Closing Service and meal 4th June 2020

How to apply

To apply for a place on the Directions course fill in the online form. You’ll need experience of Christian discipleship behind you with some biblical understanding so you can take part in group work.

Please make sure you’ve talked to your minister/vicar and let them know that you’re interested in Directions. When you’ve submitted your form we will contact your minister/vicar.

There is a charge of £20 per person.

Contact Debbie Ellison • e: debbie.ellison@liverpool.anglican.org • t: 0151 705 2145

Or Lucy Blakeman • e: lucy.blakeman@liverpool.anglican.org • t: 0151 705 2188


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