Developing the Strategic Plan for St. Matthew School

We will embrace you. We will inspire you. We will stay with you always.

The brand promise for St. Matthew School is a description of the Strategic Planning process itself.

  • The process must embrace the culture and the legacy of St. Matthew School.
  • It must inspire—our teachers, our families, our community.
  • And it must last…the plans and initiatives that emerge from this Plan should be visible in our programs and our students 10 years from now.

Having been part of the branding and messaging for St. Matthew for the past four years, and having seen what this school is doing and can do, we are excited to be considered for this opportunity to help you develop the Strategic Plan for St. Matthew.

Why Burgundy Group

There are advantages we bring to the Strategic Planning process

  • With more than 20 years experience in branding, marketing and planning for Catholic education, Burgundy Group has developed an understanding of this distinctive market and the challenges facing Catholic education.
  • We have specific experience in the Strategic Planning process, having worked with Father Ryan on the development and communication of its plan.
  • Our local presence means more immediate access and greater understanding of the intricacies and characteristics of the market.
  • We know St. Matthew School. We talked with parents. We interviewed alumni. We drafted the brand promise. We directed the website development. We called for the street sign. We have been engaged in telling its story for the past four years. That knowledge puts us and you further along in the Strategic Planning process at the outset, saving you time and saving you money.

In addition, we have 35 years experience in planning across all types of industries, from healthcare, to pharmaceuticals to the environment to food and wine. It’s experience that guides us and informs us on every project we do.

A Remarkable School

One of the benefits of our work with St. Matthew is the opportunity we’ve had to see that school’s achievements. We’ve seen students who have been outstanding in academics, leaders in service, champions of our faith. We know you have strengths and ideas that can propel you further.

These are powerful achievements, ones that demonstrate the strong and distinctive foundation on which your Strategic Plan can be built.

What do you want to be? How do you want to be remembered?

Creating that memorable Strategic Plan, one that isn’t a bookend on a shelf but a living guide, starts with a vision. What do you want St. Matthew to be, and what do you believe it can be?

And that vision must be BOLD. It should challenge you, even scare you, for otherwise, you’re just going to do what is familiar and comfortable. St. Matthew should aspire to be something special, something unique.

Because you already are!

The best school in the best rated school district in the State?

The best elementary school in the state?

The leader in elementary Catholic education?

Whatever the vision we define, and whatever steps we take to reach it, we want that plan to be unmistakably yours.

The Key Steps

We begin the Strategic Planning process with some important information gathering

  • Define our clear strengths and how we build on them
  • Identify our weaknesses: academic areas, programs, facilities, diversity
  • Review the competitive situation…who is taking our students?
  • Review existing research and determine if more is needed.
  • Identify key audiences for participation in the planning and communication
  • Be honest. What has to change in order to achieve your goals?

Over an approximate six-month timeline, the structure should be familiar, with meetings designed to:

  • Outline goals/timeline with committee and needed parties
  • Formulate plans
  • Research and analyze programs
  • Formulate the measurements
  • Assign responsibility.

We’ll guide the discussions, help prompt the planning, draft the plan and incorporate that into the school’s communications.

We will embrace you. We will inspire you. We will stay with you always.

Let’s do something bold and ensure St. Matthew’s distinctive role in education.

Proposal Summary Development of Strategic Plan for St. Matthew School March 15, 2017


Burgundy Group will provide the direction, coordination and guidance for the development of the Strategic Plan for St. Matthew School. This will include all meetings, planning sessions and content review for the plan’s development, as well as regular status meetings with the leadership of St. Matthew School.


A written Strategic Plan, detailing goals and specific initiatives for the achievement of the goals.


The process for research, planning and completion of the Strategic Planning process will run approximately six months. Burgundy Group will begin the strategic planning process within two weeks of the approval of this proposal.


Based on a blended billable rate of $130.00/hour and the estimation of 110 hours of work, Burgundy Group will provide the Strategic Planning services for a total of $14,300.00. Any expenses will be billed separately.



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