Ancient egypt tour By Julia and Sadie

Ra is the Egyptian sun G-d. Ra is the most worshiped G-d, and it is told that as the sun, Ra was able to see everything.
The Great Pyramids took 20 years to build with 100,000 workers.

The Sphinx is a mythical creature with the head of a human and the body of a lion.

The Sphinx is 4500 years old. It was built 7000 B.C.

Some Greek myths say that sometime the Sphinx has the wings of of bird

The Sphinx is 66' tall.

It is a beautiful piece of art.

Nile River

Although the Sphinx and the Pyramids are a beautiful works of art, the Nile River is the thing that let the Egyptians build the Sphinx and the Great Pyramids.

Without the Nile the Egyptian civilization would definatly be different.

The Nile River was Egypt's sole transportation artery.

The Nile is longest river in the world with the length of 4,132 miles.

The Nile is formed by 3 streams. First the Blue Nile and the Atbara which flows from the highlands of Ethiopia, and lastly the White Nile, the headstreams that flow into Lakes Victoria and Albert.

Lake Victoria
Lake Albert

The name Nile is derived from the Greek Neilos Latin: Nilus, which probably originated from the Semitic root meaning a valley or River Valley. The fact that the Nile—unlike other great rivers known to them—flowed from the south northward and was in flood at the warmest time of the year. Nile mud is black enough to have given the land itself its oldest name, Kem or Kemi, which also means “black” and signifies darkness.

Old Kingdom, Middle Kingdom and New Kingdom


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