Matched Ally Condie

About the author

Was born in Cedar City, Utah in 1971 and went to Brigham Young University. She taught English in Utah and in upstate New York. An american writer of young adult fiction.

About the book

  • Was published in 2010
  • Science Fiction
  • Setting: An Utopian society in the future(The Society)


Cassie is 17 years old. When your 17 you go to a match banquet where the leaders pick who you are going to marry. Your match is supposed to be someone that you don't know but Cassie know her match and his name was Xander her best friend from childhood. Before it she really know that Xander was her match another boy came on the screen his name was Ky. This gives her an impossible choice to pick Ky or Xander to be her match. And that's a huge thing because The Society dealt with everything so no one had to deal with anything.

Main Characters

  • Cassia Reyes - 17 years and loves hiking/running. Her green eyes stand out and poetry really speaks to her.
  • Xander Carrow - Cassia's lifelong best friend, 17 with blonde hair and blue eyes.
  • Ky Markham - Another childhood friend of Cassia's and the boy with whom she eventually falls in love with.

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