UX FOLDER STRUCTURE the new folder structure for bizagi ux team.

This is the new folder organization structure for UX projects. That´s the way you have to start creating a project in One Drive.

Folder structure for UX projects

MainProduct Folder: This is the main product folder which contains all the sub-projects about them.

Project Folder: Name it with the specific project you will work. it contains all the information and assets.

Architecture Folder: Experience maps, wireframes, or documents related with UX architecture. Take care with the file extension and create a folder (Ex. pdf, sketch, doc) if are more than 2 documents with the same extension.

Architecture Folder with 2 subfolders.

Visual Design Folder: Sketch, jpg, illustrator, photoshop and all kind of design files are here. Please create a structure like the image.

Visual Design Folder Structure.

Testing and development folder are optional. Use them just if the project needs them.

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