Imagination Ashmal Lalani

Journal Entry 1: 2/24/17

Imagination is the ability to brainstorm ideas and dreams in your mind.

Realistic Imagination is focusing on the creating inventions and ideas based on the real world- logics.

Creativity: creating pieces and ideas based on original thought

Fantasy: Dreaming and hoping of things that are unrealistic and/or fictional.

Imagination coordinates with Sense Perception

How does imagination inform our everyday perception of the world?

We hope that one day we will accomplish our dreams. We have fictional dreams- fantasies- which we imagine the most seemingly unrealistic scenes. We also have realistic dreams like what we want to become when we grow up, and we also have those personal, original thoughts that we love to freely express through artistic and logistical presentations. Everything we dream in our minds influence the way we act and believe in the real world. What we visualize in our minds foreshadow what will become the actual picture in reality. Like, I imagine myself becoming a well-educated doctor and I dream that one day, I will travel to Asia & Africa, and help those in need. If truly determined, I shall do whatever it takes to accomplish my dreams. Now, dreams can be good or bad, but that determined by the variety of personalities that exist. Therefore, imagination is the source of inspiration and energy to push us through the process of obtaining knowledge and one day, hopefully fulfilling our personal legends.

Journal Entry 2: 2/27/2017

My group: Caton, Melisa, Shivani, and I, have decided to do WOK 3 on Imagination with the question: Can Imagination reveal truths that reality hides? We are relating imagination with sense perception because I believe that these two Ways of Knowing cooperate with each other. Sense perception could influence what we imagine in our minds whereas what we dream could also affect how we perceive the real world.

Artists utilize imagination as the main source of inspiration and ideas to create art pieces by creativity- drawing out original thoughts and visions- that is how imagination could affect the works of sense perception. A lot of what we grasp from society- important features and events in reality that bug our mind and heart- are the feelings and observations that we perceive as humans. Majority of those moments are key factors that influence thoughts that formulate in our minds- that is how sense perception influences imagination.

In the particular episode of Spongebob, the concept of creativity in Imagination is explored by Spongebob and Patrick playing make-believe with the box. This exemplifies how cartoons promote creativity and how children are able to be creative by observing these visual representations. This episode also shows contrast between children and adults by depicting Squidward as an adult-like character who only dreams about realistic ideas and goals.

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