Company Overview


Our vision is to revolutionise dental care by offering affordable smile enhancement and wellness at home.

We strive to democratise dental health, making it easier for anyone to access the care they deserve with a convenient and affordable mobile solution.


Our mission is to make dental care more accessible and affordable through technology.

How we’re achieving our mission

By leveraging a unique combination of industry expertise, data analysis, smart devices, 3D printing and a team of expert digital dentists, we provide private dental care at a fraction of the cost. Connect with world-class dentists anytime, anywhere using the innovative Instant Dentist app to receive in-depth information on your dental health and recommended regimes to achieve your healthiest smile. For the time poor or those simply wanting a second professional opinion, our ‘at home’ system makes accessing premium, affordable dental care more convenient than ever.

The Story

Instant Dentist is the creation of dynamic serial entrepreneur duo Dr Aalok Y Shukla and Lucie Marchelot Shukla. After their huge success with Straight Teeth Direct, a teleorthodontic app which makes straight and while smiles accessible to customers in 50 countries, they saw the opportunity to reinvent the dental health experience into a predictive dynamically monitored experience, away from the broken intermittent drill and fill model. By bringing the dentist to the user via the app, Instant Dentist enables direct access to a digital dentist and turns what was an intermittent service into continuous care at home. Users can take their dental health into their own hands and receive cost effective, private dental advice and tailored at home treatments in an instant.

Why we exist

50% of adults suffer from gum disease and many of these find it difficult to pay the cost of a professional dentist or make the time for an appointment. With issues such as these more easily managed at home, there is a growing need for accessible, empowering self care that put users in control rather than solely relying on physical practices. Instant Dentist exists to provide users with expertise quickly and from the comfort of their own home.

What we do

Instant Dentist is revolutionising personal dental care, bringing it into the 21st century so that everyone can achieve their best smile. We use a unique combination of industry expertise, data analysis, smart devices, 3D printing and a team of expert digital dentists to provide private dental care at a fraction of the cost.

Fact Sheet


2019: The foundation

We are . . .

Accessible | Transparent | Innovative

Accessible | Get expert advice straight from your phone and the products you need direct to your door for a fraction of the clinic price.

Transparent | Receive opinions from impartial dentists who are experts in their field. Their advice is friendly but straight-up. Your dental health is their number one priority.

Innovative | Dental care needs to evolve so everyone can maintain a healthy smile. We're constantly finding new and affordable ways to put you in control of your Dental health.

Virtual medicine is gaining popularity every year and many patients feel ready to adapt to teledentistry.

The UK dental sector represents a £7 billion market

The UK telemedicine market

In terms of revenue, it generated USD 139.4 Mn in the year 2019 and is expected to reach USD 322.8 Mn by the year 2027, growing at a CAGR of 11.04% over the forecast period.

Source: Absolute Markets Insights

Our Founders

Dr Aalok Shukla, co-founder and CEO of Instant Dentist™

He started studying medicine, then quickly switched to dentistry, when he realised this was a field in which he could apply his interest in business and tech. After graduating, he worked in a state-of-the-art clinic that gave him first-hand experience of the downsides of standard dentistry – costs were high and appointments didn't fit in with today's busy lifestyle, which meant a few people could achieve the dental health they wanted. Aalok knew that this wasn’t the only way.

He returned to training, learning everything there was to know about minimally invasive dentistry and smile enhancement. And, in 2009, he opened the doors of his own clinic founded on a vision to help more people feel good by providing them with healthy ways to alter their teeth in non-intimidating ways, in a non-intimidating space. The ethos attracted such a huge client base so quickly that the logical next step for Aalok was to make it even more readily available to the world. He researched mobile technologies, 3D printing, scanning developments, AI diagnostics and harnessed these technologies to switch the whole model from in-clinic to at-home under the name Instant Dentist™.

Lucie Marchelot Shukla, co-founder and Managing Director of Instant Dentist™

She’s a trained lawyer and art historian, and is now co-founder and Managing Director of Instant Dentist™. After training as a lawyer in the South of France, she got a coveted place on Christie’s degree programme and landed her dream job at a leading auction house after graduating. But Lucie realised she wanted to combine her lawyerly practicality with her art historian creativity in a business that would meet a modern market need.

She became a partner in Aalok’s clinic and while managing marketing, sales and operations was constantly reminded how important people’s smiles are to them. The same stories kept recurring – dentist visits were time consuming, costly, and generally unpopular. It didn’t fit with people’s fast-paced, modern lifestyles and it wasn’t as affordable as it needed to be for people to access it readily.

With the universal importance of people’s smiles and drawbacks of the current dental health model clear to both her and Aalok, they set out together to create an innovative system that would make dental care more accessible, more modern, more affordable and totally hassle-free. And so, Instant Dentist™ was launched in 2019, giving users quick and easy access to expert dental care at the touch of a button and from the comfort of their own home, or anywhere with an internet connection.


Why are we pioneers in teledentistry?

  • No awkward video calls with a doctor or appointment required. Skip the waiting room and the waiting line to get asynchronous access to a qualified dentist through the app when you need and message back when you’re available.
  • High quality private care at a fraction of the clinic cost. Get the attention of a private dentist for less than an England NHS check up.
  • Impartial, honest advice by dentists that are not financially motivation to suggest dental procedures
  • Unique comprehensive assessment and reports assessing your dental health through a data driven approach.
  • Keep track of your dental history with all your records and previous consultations in one place.
  • Get the reassurance and products you need no matter where you are, even if you’re abroad, you can update your address at any point.

How it works

2 simple ways to get started:

01 Dental Health Assessment

Receive a comprehensive digital assessment across 22 risk areas as well as impartial advice on preventive procedures and regimes to achieve optimum dental health. This will help you to understand your unique risk factors and needs.

02 Specific Concern / Emergency Assessment

Receive a detailed assessment of a specific dental concern or emergency, as well as impartial advice on products and regimes to resolve your concern and prevent future issues. You will also reveice advice based on any x-rays and treatment plans you upload to help you understand your options.

Instant access to a dentist, 7 days a week and:

  • View your dental records through your secure account
  • Access and download your past dentist reports
  • Get referrals for special tests (OPG x-rays, intra oral scan)
  • Get prescriptions from a registered dentist (medication, custom medical devices, teeth whitening)
  • Order and receive the necessary recommended products and devices
  • Track your progress through photographic follow up consultations
  • Fixed fee of £20 per consultation - Less than an NHS checkup!

Who is it for

Our Dentists

With the world becoming more and more digital every day, customers expect to have products at their fingertips online - including healthcare. We help dentists that to digitize their services while helping more people get the smiles they want.

Our platform allows dentists to maximize their downtime by seeing patients digitally. Working in this way can grow their income by more than 20%.

Dentists working with us love the freedom of being able to earn money improving smiles without having to be based in the clinic.

Our Users

Years of running our own dental practice taught us a lot about people and their smiles. Some had been hiding their teeth for years, fixated on what they saw as “imperfections”, noticeable usually only to them, but enough to make them hide away their smiles. Others would rather see their GP in case of dental problems - dentists simply aren't the most popular doctors. Additionally, having to schedule appointments so far in advance and sit in waiting rooms for hours just doesn't fit in with today's busy lifestyle, where almost everything else can be done online and immediately.

These are the people who inspired us and they collectively told us what they needed – professional dental care, in less time, for less money, guided by experienced dental professionals, and a simple system for accessing it all that wouldn’t add hassle to their already busy lives. And so, Instant Dentist™ was born.

Our user-centric approach

Instant Dentist™ is an alternative to in-clinic checkups, but it’s in no way DIY. The user simply completes an online consultation by answering questions and seinding in photos/a video of their teeth, alll of which is reviewed and monitored by an experienced dentist. We’ve replaced the need for repeated trips to the dentist with on demand access to dental experts, all products, devices and appliances via the Instant Dentist™ app.


"The online consultation was super quick and easy to follow. It didn't take long to receive my report and I was amazed with the details in the report and the recommendations were completely tailored to suit me - all without the pressure of seeing a dentist!" - Claire

“The difference between my dentist visits and what I get from Instant Dentist is that I get products that are specific to my dental needs. With this 360 report, I’m able to educate myself on how to maintain really good dental health.” - Elza


Lucie Marchelot Shukla lucie@straightteethdirect.com


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