The End I'm almost outta this bish

Well, I'm almost done with this class. All in all, it's been fun but a lot of work but that's kind of what my family is paying so much money for me to do. I would first like to reflect on the habits of mind that I have been using (Ever since I got a grade reduction for not using them so I understood they are meant to be used -_-).

I don't know why, so don't ask.

I think one of the four most important habits of mind is curiosity, which you may be experiencing wondering why there is this girl on the page. I'm not sure either, but that's curiosity. It allows us to ask questions and seek answers and that is vital in the world.


This is a picture of DJ Khaled cause I'm about to use another habit of mind: this is creativity. Do not simply be a follower which is what the modern schooling system turns us into, create and innovate to truly make a difference.

Persistence is a key one because times will get tough, and it the overcoming the challenge of comfort to do what is truly needed. I'd rather play a video game than write this, but here I am. Persistence.

Flexibility is crucial because teachers will throw shit at you. One must adjust and adapt to each piece of shit thrown and it is up to you to make it happen. The University has your money, if you don't do the work it doesn't make the Deans lose sleep. It is up to you to manage time and keep on top of things.


In my earlier Journey Logs, I really just talked about what happened during the week. I would go through what I learned for the week and how boring/exciting class was. I also ranted quite a bit which leads me to my next point, I ranted a lot about Minecraft. I am not just avoiding the hyperlinking part Chris, because honestly, it's in every one of the Journey Logs. I linked the one where it's the title but it's everywhere. Honestly, it's is every single one of them. I take great pride in that though, I don't know why, but my teacher fought for me to have Minecraft Education. That's Ride or Die.


My initial thoughts on Minecraft were of course very bad. Well, I guess Minecraft Education because I had played before and thought it was pretty cool, but when it didn't work for so long, anger and frustration biased my opinion. Finally, it wasn't really enjoyment once it started working, it was relief.


My writing has improved overall. I know that like all things, practice and critique makes one better at something. In this class, we wrote a lot and it wasn't about easy subjects either. It required us to think outside of the box which helps with creativity and also adds stress because it requires more thinking. This thinking, creativity, and imagination fueled a lot of my writing and I know I am better because of it.


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