Earth Maddie Revis

Earth is the planet we are living on and we are actually the only planet with living on it that we KNOW of. Our planet is different than all the others.

Earth is the planet that we live on. It is the only planet that has water and oxygen on it. This is how we live on it ,It has the resources to sustain life. The average surface temperature is about 61 degrees fahrenheit. This is one reason why we are able to live on planet earth.

The name earth came from the the German and English word "ground". That is how we got the name earth.

Interesting facts

1. This is the only planet that can support life , because we have water and oxygen.

2. Earth has the most oxygen in its atmosphere than all of the planets.

3. Earth also has the least moons out of all the planets. Some have more than sixty.

4. Did you know that most of earths fresh water is trapped in frozen glaciers.

The diameter of earth is 7,917.5 miles This holds all 7 contenits.


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