Eden my little paradise

How often have you said, “I just want to be happy”?

How often have you said to someone else, “I just want you to be happy”?

If you’re a human being, I suspect you want to be happy. What is happiness for you? Happiness for me is reminiscing about my memories, my good times with a friend while I indulge in some at terrace lost in the beauty of nature, or receiving a standing ovation at the end of a theater performance. My versions of happiness may not be your cup of tea, but the happiness is subjective and thus hard to measure objectively.

Happiness is when your puppy jumps on you or when you are a drama-queen. Happiness is when you leave yourself freely without the stress of be it future or past, when you living the present and dancing like an idiot. When you burp with happiness, it overcomes you, it indulge in you...it is love, it is care, it is everything :)

If you for its definition, you will get - "the state of being happy" but the feeling of happiness is hard to define..A quick Wiley Online Library search reveals 50,522 results for the word “happiness”, compared with 409,708 for the word “depression”.

Happiness is intangible; you can’t put it in your pocket and save it for later.

Sans :)

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