Amendment 1 Congress can not make laws that stops people from PRACTICING their religion, limit freedom of sprech, freedom of the press, limit the right of people to Assemble in groups, or to petition And tell the government about problems in our country.

"The student, known in court papers as A.M., earned the right as co-president of her class to deliver a message at the annual “Moving Up Ceremony” in June 2009 at Taconic Hills Central School District. A.M. asked her English teacher to review her proposed speech."

"The last line of the speech read: “As we say our goodbyes and leave middle school behind, I say to you, may the LORD bless you and keep you; make His face shine upon you and be gracious to you; lift up His countenance upon you, and give you peace.” The English teacher told A.M. to consult with the principal. Her school counselor gave her similar advice"

This student felt her rights for freedom of speech have been violated so she sued the schoo, district. This shows a violation of Amendment 1.

This amendment is important so we can make sure we have the rights we deserve to have like being able to speak out our thoughts and being able to be whatever religion (practice your religion) without it having to be a problem.

A real life example where this amendment is important for me is if I want to start a petition to make a restaurant close because they don't have good food and their customer service is really bad. I have the right to make a petition against them as long as I don't get violent, so if they try to sue me or call the cops on me, they can't because I have the right to petition according to the first amendment.


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