DCBJJ Purple Belt Test 2.18.17

When you love what you do, keep doing it.

Preparation is key but you'll feel pain in the process.

Go through it, because you are not alone.

When the body aches, the mind will think. Like, when is this over. Nope, it's just begun

We watch. We save our energy while you burn through yours.

The reason being? It's the best help you can get. To be drained of your physical strength and to spiritually and mentally and physically stay in the battle.

We've been there. Together we help each other so we go through each test, each battle together. To constantly strive to assist each other with our dreams of making it.

We've been preparing. We never stopped after last season. We've been preparing. The storm is brewing. Newly ranked fighters become humbled and blessed and even more hungry.

For a season is upon us. A season of having the best time together. In winning and learning together. In doing what we where meant to do. Upgrade! To constantly seek to Upgrade ourselves. To once again show what DCBJJ is all about. A family of Bad Asses about to erupt! Congratulations to the new Purple Belts! Thanks to all that came to support them.

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Frank Latina


Frank Latina

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