Eat for Lower Impact: Eat for Climate Making Personal Food Choices for a Sustainable Future

This is a brief report on a "Living the Change" event that took place as part of GreenFaith's Living the Change campaign. GreenFaith is an organization that was founded in 1992 which inspires, equips, mobilizes and organizes people of diverse religious and spiritual backgrounds globally for environmental action. Our event took place on November 10, 2018 from 2 - 5 pm and it had an eclectic character. Participants came from faith traditions, environmental organizations, and the general public.

GreenFaith's Living the Change campaign educates and encourages people to take action to lower their personal carbon footprint. Our event focused on food hence the title, Eat for Lower Impact: Making Personal Food Choices for a Sustainable Future.

While people were arriving, we began with a slow food bingo game as a fun way to learn about sustainable and whole foods practices and to get to know our neighbors.

The heart of our time together was a presentation from sustainability expert and local author Aaron William Perry of the Y on Earth Community. Aaron guided our session and shared insights about health, well-being and creating a sustainable culture.

After Aaron’s presentation, the group considered the option of making food related commitments. We provided the group with inspirational sample food commitments and commitment cards that they could take with them. People were invited to take the commitment process seriously and to begin to think of a commitment that they and their family could make to lower their impact on the planet.

Event Photos

Below are some photos from the event:

Following the presentation, people had the opportunity to meet, mingle and sample a veggie superfood smoothie. Two smoothie recipes were shared.

Following is the text from our invitation which included educational material from the GreenFaith website:

There are many tangible and realistic things you can do to reduce your contribution to climate change!

The graph below shows how some of your personal choices can lower your carbon emissions.

Think about Making a Commitment!

As part of GreenFaith's Living the Change program, we are encouraged to make a personal commitment to do something to lower carbon emissions.

We are called to take faithful choices for a flourishing world. Please join us in making a pledge to live more sustainably, and help ensure a 1.5C future. Click below to make your personal commitment:

We included these inspiring quotes from Vietnamese Zen master Thich Nhat Hahn as they represented our heartful and mindful outlook:

When you prepare a meal with artful awareness, it’s delicious and healthy. You have put your mindfulness, love, and care into the meal, then people will be eating your love. ― Thich Nhat Hanh, How to Eat
May we keep our compassion alive by eating in such a way that reduces the suffering of living beings, stops contributing to climate change, and heals and preserves our precious planet. ― Thich Nhat Hanh, How to Eat
Our food comes from the beautiful planet. The Earth is inside of us, in each morsel of food, in the air we breathe, in the water that we drink and that flows through us. Enjoy being part of the Earth and eat in such a way that allows you to be aware that each bite is deepening your connection to the planet. ― Thich Nhat Hanh, Y on Earth

Event Organizers & Sponsors:

The event was organized by Bonnie Sundance, Executive Director of Our Sacred Earth and Janine Ibbotson, Ecodharma Sangha Steering Committee member and Co-Coordinator of the Boulder GreenFaith Circle. We are grateful for the support from our volunteers and from Rev. Jessica Abell of GreenFaith Colorado.


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