Things You Should Know About Choosing Your Mascara E. Burnside

Mascara is one of the main things women incorporate into their makeup routine that can be used to bring in that "wow" factor that women love.

There are many different things you need take into account when choosing a mascara that works for you, depending on what you prefer or what you would like.

Here are a few things you need to know to find the perfect mascara for you...


The first thing you're going to want to consider is your mascara brands... When you have to choose between the Maybelline Falsies Push Up Drama for $6.47 at Target and the new Bobbi Brown Eye Opening Mascara for $30.00 at Nordstrom, it's important for you to know that there honestly is no true difference between the two. Whether you do the cheaper one or the more expensive one, you can get the same beautiful look you desire.

Maybelline Falsies Push Up Mascara
Bobbi Brown Eye Opening Mascara


Another thing to think about with mascaras are the mascara brushes. These are a very important aspect of your mascara. There are many types of mascara brushes that each have a specific purpose.

- To volumize your lashes you will want a thick wand, one with a bulb on each end preferably, that is very dense with bristles which are designed to grab each lash individually and give it a all around coat to the top, bottom, sides, and end to bolden each lash, adding a extra fanned out look.

- To lengthen, you will want a brush that is comb- like and has long bristles that lay spread out which are designed to add length by separating your lashes and adding mascara to the end of each lash creating a major lash extension from the tip to give the overall look of longer eyelashes.

- To get the look of curled lashes, you will want to choose a brush that is curved in a "J" shape with short bristles which were designed to grab all of your lashes together and do something almost like a cupping method, it will actually lift the lashes up from the base of the lash to the top of the lash and the mascara helps to hold the shape of the lashes to give you curlier lashes.


Color is just as important in choosing your mascara. Different mascara colors can help to emphasize your beauty.

Blacks- These are more ofen found and they can work for any skin tone and hair color

Browns- If you have fair skin and blonde, light brown hair, or red hair, and you like a softer more natural look, brown would be a good color for you. The brown will work to bring out those warmth tones in your face and hair.

Purples- If you have green, hazel, or blue eyes, purple might be good for you. These mascaras can tend to bring out reddish undertones in your skin.

Blues- If you have grey, brown, or light green eyes this would be perfect for you. The blue tone will work to brighten your eyes. If you are fair skinned this will really pop as well as if your darker skinned, but if you darker skinned it is best to apply multiple layers to get that beautiful pop too.

Greens- If you have brown or hazel eyes and you darker skinned, this will really complement your skin. This mascara is a great way to be bold with your makeup and really draw attention to your eyes. Green can tend to be more eye opening and give you the look of larger eyes.

Red- If you have grey or blue eyes, this will put a little edge on things so if your a wild little thing, this is the color for you. This adds a element of glamorous beauty to any makeup routine.


How durable is your mascara?

Water proof mascaras are more of a long wear mascara. These mascaras are made from a highly processed formula which is what allows them to be waterproof. These mascaras are super durable and they don't smudge but these mascaras tend to be very hard to take off so you would need an oil- based make up removal to remove it and these mascaras also tend to weigh down and pull on your eyelashes so it's not uncommon for a few lashes to fall out.

Water soluble mascaras are more for short term wear. This type of mascara allows room for error. These mascaras can be easily removed with regular makeup remover or water and easily added by layering without being such a hassle. On the down side, these mascaras do tend to smudge or smear. These mascaras tend to be more gentle on your lashes.

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Keep in mind how you apply your mascara. This isn't as important to think about when you choose your mascara, but depending on your application technique, some mascaras might be better then others. A universal technique used to get the best results with any mascara and any eyelash type, Marie Claire, recommends that you apply your mascara to your upper eyelashes by going from the base of your eyelid to the tip of your lashes at a straight angle, so not to the side, and to apply mascara layers on both the top and the bottom of your upper lashes and for your lower eyelashes, it is recommended that your take your mascara and apply it in a side to side motion only from the base of your eyelashes to the tip of your lashes on the top part only.


Always have a goal of what you want your lashes to look like overall and figure out what you need to achieve your dream lashes to feel confident and beautiful.

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