Social Combination Reality Advertising and Marketing Solutions TapThere

TapThere Technology goes beyond AR Brochures, we teleport you right into interactive Virtual Reality scene with commerce enable options and dynamically created AR-based ads which are powerful monetization tool.

Traditional Consuming content is no longer enough for today’s tech-savvy audience. Millennials are one of the largest demographic segments of our planet. They are the first truly digital generation and differ greatly from the average consumer. They respond differently to marketing and mistrust traditional advertising.

With the new global phenomenon of Pokémon Go, Augmented Reality (AR) revealed its enormous possibilities and breakthrough in marketing.

We are now adopting new era of advertising! TapThere Technology can connect brands to the hyper-connected generation and Consumers to be part of a new experience and feel truly engaged.

Our technology allows consumer or advertising agencies to dynamically create digital AR ads inside virtual world, which can always be instantly updated or removed, all in reail time. Our AR ads that appear atop physical ones create friction, resulting in a fight for a consumer attention!

Like no one else, we've combined location based AR with Social capability built in: both HERE and THERE modes, Contextual “Scene” Avatar Chat, Avatar streaming from an AR environment crowdsourcing, etc, which created an enhanced AR digital marketing and commerce enabled platform for any industry.

Our Social Combination Augmented Reality, provides a fascinating ability to teleport right into surrounding environment which is enhanced to make it personal, valuable and informative experience.

What exactly is it about our Social Combination Reality teleportation technology that captures consumer's attention ?
We have gone beyond basic Augmented Reality (AR) and created a patent pending Social Combination Reality, a superset of Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality and Extended Reality. This blend of Advanced technology allows consumer to connect with brands on a personal level. Emotional connection between what a buyer is looking for and what the product offers enhances the buyer’s experience. We allow consumer to be in a full control, and at the same time it drives brand visibility through DYNAMICALLY created AR ads


Our SCR enhances experiential marketing. It also allows marketers to provide consumer with exclusive personalized content and bring a fictional world to reality at a relatively low cost.

TapThere social interactive experience and dynamically inserted ads into virtual world can instantly provide new life to more traditional forms of advertising.

We engage the user through gamification to provide fun and sophisticated way that aligns with the brand personality.

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