Maika Enhada ARTST 119: Intro to Digital Imaging

My name is Maika Enhada and I am from Ewa Beach, Hawai'i. Please feel free to contact me through my school email -

Here at Pacific I am a Business Administration Major with a focus in Marketing. I also plan on Minoring in Integrated Media, as I feel this would be a great skill set to compliment my major. Outside of the classroom I also enjoy playing soccer, collecting sneakers and streetwear pieces, as well as spending time with my friends and family.

Art isn't really my thing, but I do like think that I'm fairly decent at things like photography and writing. I admire people that have the creative ability to make things and share it with everyone else, because I am definitely not one of those people. Outside of Pacific the only experience I have with art are the Photography courses that I took during high school. I took both Digital and Film photography. Other than that I also took the Into to Digital Media course offered here last semester. In that we learned a lot about HTML and eventually created our own webpage.

My overall goal for this class is to learn as much as I can about digital imaging as well as other media processes. This course is not only a requirement for my minor, but it is also something that I feel offers a lot of value going into the future. In this day and age, technology is evolving every single day. And although a lot of the things we will learn in this class may become obsolete years from now, I still believe that they are important to know.

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