Africa - Past and Present Lindsey Stephen, Kylie Reuter, Caitlin Mccarthy

Land Use

Overall, the main way that people use their land is by subsistence farming. Subsistence farming is when you are growing food for your family and not selling it to others.

Natural Resources

Africa is known to have half of the world's gold. Unequal wealth among countries (countries who have more are wealthier, ones without are poor.) Unequal population distribution (people live where the resources are. Wars over access to the resources) Corrupt government leaders (take bribes to let others have access to them)

Democratic Republic of Congo.

There are three “T” minerals they are Tin, Tungsten, and Tantalum. They are so important because they are used in electronic devices. Armed rebel groups control the mines, they force people to work, they smuggle and sell the minerals, they make money off of it and they would buy more weapons. The government army may not be strong enough to go against them, corrupt leaders in the government are bribed to stay out of it.

GDP Per Capita

The 5 nations with the highest GDP Per Capita in the region is, Mauritius has 12,800, South Africa has 11,100, Botswana has 9,200, Seychelles has 7,800, Namibia has 7,300.There are 5 nations that have a GDP Per Capita that is below $1,000.Higher standard of living countries have more technology, better health care and better transportation since they have more money. Lower standard of living countries have less technology, not as good health care and better transportation because they have less money.

Life Expectancy

Of the countries with the 31 lowest life expectancies, there are 28 out of 31 countries come out of Africa. The huge reason for this is because HIV/AIDS. 7/10 people that have this will die in Africa

Powerful Trading Empires

The trade network the Kingdom of Ghana participated in was the Trans-Saharan trade network. They West African and North African traded. West Africa traded gold and North Africa traded salt. The years that they were in power was 800 CE - 1600 CE.

Slaves on the Trans-Saharan Network

Muslims trade for African slaves because muslims can’t slave other muslims. The slaves were primarily used for prisoners that had to serve in the military. African slaves that were taken by muslims were treated better than African slaves taken by the Europeans. V0U5X2VRjKo/VDlb41PFqRI/AAAAAAAACLQ/QfHALgNHWRs/s1600/Zanzslgwch.jpg

King Mansa Musa and Timbuktu


Created with images by Norman B. Leventhal Map Center at the BPL - "Africa, including the Mediterranean"

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