The Blue Darzis NEw models OF CARE: WORKSHOP 2

We started the module with the infamous circle
Deep reflection was seen in those wearing purple
Our journey was described as a 'hamster on a wheel'
Some of us were hopeful, whilst others did not know how to feel
We questioned our legacy and the impact of our work
Having opened Pandora's box, had we gone beserk?
We discussed modes of partnership, hierarchy can be good. Use for tame problems, but for wicked ones you never should
Participative relationships share the knowledge spread around, whilst in systemic ones power can be felt close to the ground
Before our expert visit, Murray asked us 'How new is new?'
But if new is old, is the 5 year forward view that bold?

Expert witness Lindsay Jones (Deputy Head of Strategy and Planning, New Care Models Programme)

We were visited by Lindsay Jones, who gave us a national perspective
We asked all our questions, then went all reflective
She showed us some bright spots, the who and the how
However "you can only work at the pace that a relationship will allow"

Expert witness Jackie Daniels (Chief Executive, University Hospitals of Morecombe Bay Foundation Trust)

We were then joined by Jackie Daniels, leading the way in Morecombe Bay
She paid attention to a 'relationship fabric', to bring about a new way..
Of working on 'Better Care Together' with eleven partners all in
Balancing pressures from the external, to those from within

Jackie's blog:

As a group we discussed new model 'principles', and how to link with our viva
Use the framework you see here, and you might just be a survivor

Darzi Relational Framework

Our visits included Home Ward Ealing, an integrated pathway for care
Multi-disciplinary and collaborative, the outcome data looks promising and fair
Dr Christopher Hilton, West London Mental Health Trust
The second group went to Bexley, where the CCG is working flexibly
Involving patients with Mind; a community revival focus
As well as a multi-partner run hospital with direct MSK access
Revival cafe, Bexley
Our final group went to Sutton Care Homes, a vanguard with nationally recognised success
The 'red bag' functions as an effective communication process
But to simply 'pick and drop' the idea to another
Would fail without the relationships that they had discovered
New models of care or new recipes for cake?
If two bakers use the same ingredients, the same dessert will they make?
The problems of scaling, the idea of 'lift and drop'
If you hurry to standardise, localised flavour do you stop?
To end Martin showed us how high performing systems do well
Focus on what matters, and with targets don't dwell
'In uncertainty don't reach irritably after fact and reason" (Keats)
Make reflexivity the order of this leadership season
As the end approached nearer, emotions ran high. Some of us had a laugh, whilst others had a cry
Like teenagers moving to campus, we suddenly realised our independence. No longer could we rely, on our substitute Darzi parents
Knowing we would soon be spreading wide and far, we asked the Darzi fellows, "What's been your favourite moment so far?"

By Adnan & Leslie

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