Oakland Unified School District Lacking Preparation

Thesis Statement: In order for Oakland Unified to prepare its students for college the district needs to invest in teacher retention, by making a commitment to increase teacher salaries and recruiting educators who are invested in all youth of Oakland.

Purpose: Every student regardless of were they come from deserves a quality education. We should all be prepared for college so that we can be ready for the future. Getting a quality education gives more opportunities to low income families to escape low income.

  1. .Good teachers are tied to good education for student's.
  2. Getting new superintendents that aren't stable doesn't get anything fixed because each superintendent has different plans.
  3. Increasing teacher salaries would not only attract more teachers to Oakland but it will make teachers want to stay longer.

Conclusion: The Oakland district fails its students in preparing them for college and they know it but just simply ignore the issue. There are many solutions to this issue like getting more teachers to fill empty spots in many Oakland schools. The Oakland Unified School District needs to realize and accept that they are failing the students and parents. Afterwards they needs to take action and acknowledge the issue going on instead of pretending that everything is perfect and that nothing is going on.


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