Basketball Eren sait

Basketball is a passion for life. It doesn't have any age limit to do. If someone loves basketball he/she would not think the bad parts of basketball.

Well If you reed my first book you can understand that I write comedy and fun books. So the first passage was a bit like a meaning of basketball to me. So I will make you have fun while reading. Did I ever tell you the story of my friend John? One day when I was in the basketball game John was in the que to watch my game. He also brought a selfie stick with him to take selfies and post to Instagram.

I saw him while I was in the bench. He shaked his hands to me. I didn't shake my hand back because I didn't want 40 thousand person to get confused about what I'm doing. He might be super excited that he hitted someone's face by a mistake with the selfie stick he had. His face was just like: 😳. I'm not professional at writing. I don't know if I wrote the word to hit in past tense true or not.

So as I promised you'll won't say give me back my minutes. If you liked my book please like it.

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