pike road elementary school March 29, 2021

spring pictures tomorrow!

Tomorrow is spring picture day, so please send your learner dressed in their best smile!

order your yearbook today!

It's time to order the 2020-2021 School Yearbook! Please follow the directions below to place your order:

  1. Click link below
  2. Enter your name and email address
  3. Click on BUILD ORDER on the top right of the screen
  4. Click on PRS Logo
  5. Select your LEAD LEARNER and select ADD TO CART
  6. Click on CHECK OUT on the top right of the screen

Chess Class is coming to pres

Safety Measures

Please review the information below to ensure all of our children, our campus, and the surrounding community remains as safe as possible.

Please closely observe all posted speed limits and pedestrian crosswalks on the Avenue of Learning.

This road leading up to our campus hosts many learners walking to/from school. There are many more learners being picked up/dropped off by a bus. All of them are relying on us to drive cautiously for their safety.

Carpool drop-off must take place on PRES campus

For the safety of your children, please do not have them exit the vehicle prior to the PRES carpool lane on campus. This includes dropping children off anywhere along the Avenue of Learning. Follow carpool traffic all the way through the PRES campus.

Distraction-free/Hands-free zone

While driving through the carpool line, please remain completely focused on driving safely. If absolutely necessary, please only use phones in “hands-free” mode.

Save the date for camp epic!

Camp epic is coming summer 2021

A note from our Literacy Department

Alabama enacted the Literacy Act in 2019 which basically says that each school district is responsible for providing high quality reading instruction to every learner. Additionally, there have been processes put into place to ensure that learners are proficient readers prior to going on to the fourth grade. I know that all of the legal jargon can sometimes be confusing, so I have created a video for you to hopefully give you a better understanding as to what the act means specifically for your child. Please watch and learn along with me and feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns that you may have.

Additionally, I wanted to share an article with you (attached below) to provide you with some insight as to some of the aspects of reading instruction and intervention that we have learned from the impacts of virtual learning and ways that we may be able to bridge gaps for possible skills that our learners have missed. Even though the article was written primarily for lead learners, I feel that in this last year we have all gotten a clearer lens of our children’s education and so I wanted to share the research findings with you as well.

The article shares three lessons that we have learned. However, the one I want to draw the most light to regarding our learners’ literacy instruction, is described in Lesson Number Two.

The article discusses the importance of having your child read on a daily basis. Research tells us that by increasing the volume (the number of minutes) our learners are reading each day will help them to better their craft as readers and will most certainly help bridge any learning gaps that they may be experiencing.

So what does this mean for you at home?

This means that you can have an incredible impact on your child’s reading abilities by prioritizing daily reading at home. Ways that you can do this easily is by simply reading a book with them, having them read to you, listening to their oral reading, etc. In our busy lives, I would suggest that you find convenient times for this to occur such as riding in the car to practice, during meal prep, or schedule a quiet time right before bed. The point is to make it a practice that you can commit to each and every day for at least twenty minutes. The difference it can make is profound!

Below is the link to the article:

As always, thank you so much for your time and we absolutely appreciate your partnership in this endeavor! Happy Reading!

Counselor's Corner

This month in our Counselor's Corner, we'll learn about career exploration! Click below for more!

2021-2022 School Calendar

This is the calendar approved by our school board for the 2021-2022 school year.

Important procedures

It has been a while since we were in school so here are a few reminders of some of our important policies and procedures. If you want more information about all things PRES click the link below.

  • Please be sure to send an extra mask with your child each day
  • Please keep transportation changes to a minimum as it disrupts learning
  • We can not take ANY transportation changes over the phone
  • All transportation changes need to be emailed to presinfo@pikeroadschools.org before 1:00 pm if a (paper) note is not sent to the lead learner
  • Learners are not permitted to ride home with friends on the school bus this year
  • Learners may not be dropped off until after 7:25
  • Students who arrive at or after 8:00 must be brought to the front office by their guardian/parent to be checked in to avoid the child being marked absent.
  • Students who check in after 11:00 am will be marked absent for the day
  • The only accepted excuse for a tardy is a note from a doctor or dentist office
  • Students who check out before 11:00 am will be marked absent for the day
  • Every parent/ guardian picking up a child MUST present an ID before the child will be called down
  • Last checkout is 2:15

Write it down

  • April 2: Professional Learning, no school for learners
  • April 12-16: ACAP Testing

How to contact us

  • Phone: 334.420.5310 *Dial 6 for the front office
  • Email: summer.rice@pikeroadschools.org