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We want to help make your time at NUI Galway impactful and enjoyable, so we've put together a list of resources to help you become a part of our community.

Engaging Medical Societies

NUI Galway has a vibrant student community, and much of that community revolves around clubs and societies.

For 15 years NUI Galway's Sláinte Soc has been welcoming over 1000 primary school children annually to visit the Teddy Bear Hospital. This initiative helps children overcome fear of being in hospital and fear of doctors.

There are so many societies to choose from. Here is just a flavour of some of the healthcare societies:

Explore the world as an NUI Galway student

There are lots of opportunities to travel while you are a student. For example students of Nursing can choose to undertake a four-week service-learning placement in Zambia or Tanzania. There are also established links with three universities in the United States of America - Fairfield University in Connecticut, Villanova University in Pennsylvania, and Case Western Reserve University in Ohio. These connections provide study abroad opportunities for students. You may also have the opportunity to attend Sant Joan de Deu, Adscrita al Universitat de Barcelona under the ERASMUS programme.

The School of Medicine also participates in the ERASMUS programme and has long serving, well established partnerships with five European Universities- Ruhr-University Bochum (Germany), Uppsala University (Sweden), University of Lausanne (Switzerland), University of Grenoble (France), University of Montpellier (France).

Rewarding Excellence...

At NUI Galway we reward your excellence. Each year, for the last 102 years, we have awarded gold medals in Medicine to the very best students who excel across a range of areas. This year we added an additional gold medal in the Health Sciences to acknowledge the Civic Engagement achievements of one of our students.

Within the field of healthcare Civic Engagement entails working with our patients and the communities in which they live to promote and improve community health status. Opportunities include community-based research, for example, public and patient involvement in research , involving patients in teaching and learning activities, in-reach and outreach activities with local school and community groups, volunteering, building capacity and broadening access to health professions education.

That translates as:

  • Community and university partnerships
  • Working on a shared project
  • Both groups bringing and sharing expertise
  • Mutual benefit

The Dr Henry Hutchinson Stewart Medical Scholarships and Prizes are among the oldest awards to be offered for competition by the NUI. First established in 1888 following a bequest from the estate of Dr Henry Hutchinson Stewart, awards are offered in a range of subject areas across Medicine, Nursing and Midwifery and the Health Sciences for undergraduate students. These awards are based on students’ final examination results and are based on nomination by Colleges and Schools. NUI Galway’s students have a remarkable record of success, having our students awarded prizes every year since 2007.

Take a leadership role...

Becoming a Class Representative provides you with the opportunity to be the “Voice of your Class”. Your responsibilities will include being the link between your class and your course lecturers, attending the Students’ Union Council and the College of Medicine, Nursing, and Health Sciences Council, and helping to formulate policies and arrange class events. This position places you in a student leadership role, which can help develop your leadership and communication skills for future endeavours.

Exploring research and Entrepreneurship

The School of Medicine Summer Research Programme is an extracurricular 8 week programme running in June and July each year. It allows students to gain a depth of knowledge in an area not available in the classroom and develop intellectual independence and critical thinking skills. Each year our students undertake research in a wide range of medical disciplines and present at the annual Atlantic Corridor Research Conference.

Launchpad at NUI Galway is designed to support and mentor students in developing entrepreneurial skills.

JUST HAVE AN IDEA? They’ll help you finish out initial concepts and understand the roadmap to execute on it.

ALREADY FORMED A COMPANY? They can help overcome obstacles as you look to grow and scale your business.

JUST CURIOUS? Participate in events, join the online community, or sign up for free membership.

Postgraduate Career Supports

The Academic Career Support and Development Seminar Series runs every second semester to support our Postgraduate Research students in their professional development. This programme is tailored to the needs of early career researchers and is an informal opportunity to ask questions of those who have taken various career paths. Topics often include developing professional skills, career planning, academic and grant writing, securing funding, and tips on PhD processes.

The Researcher Development Centre works closely with our College to provide trainings, workshops, and career tips and supports to all of our Researchers!

2019 student induction for postgraduate students