My family history By Marilyn zhou in 8l

This is my hometown, Suzhou. This is a beautiful city near Shanghai and it has a lot of rivers running through it hence it has a name called "Venice in Eastern world".

My grandma was born in 1945, when the Japanese army surrendered and the anti-Japanese War was going to end. After the people's republic of China established, she had the chance to get educated and live in a better condition.

During her life, she experienced a group of historical events such as the Great Cultural Revolution during 1966-1976.

In 2000, she retired but because she is a great and well-educated senior mechanical engineer so her boss employed her again hence she still worked for 9 years after she retired.

On 27 th September in 1976, my mum was bornd and at that time the Revolution just ended for several months. In 1990, China began to "Reform and open" so the economy travelled really fast when my mother was 14, which is at my age.

In 2002, I was borned in 8th February. I lived and studied in my hometown for nearly 14 years.

In 2016 we immigrated to Australia for a better life. We arrived Melbourne on 20th February and we have been living in Melbourne for 9 months.

Thanks for listening and watching !

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