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Want To Be A Hempreneur?

It Takes a Lot of Hard Work but We're Here to Help You SUCCEED!

Industrial Hemp is marketed as a fiber, seed, or dual-purpose crop. Although detailed market information for hemp is not readily available, estimates from the Hemp Industries Association (HIA) show that the total 2015 retail value of hemp products in the U.S. was $581 million. This includes food and body-care products, clothing, auto parts, building materials, and other products.

We will help you realize your dreams by becoming a Hempreneur, selling Industrial Hemp products! We have over 6 years of experience working in the hemp industry running our own hemp seed company, Hippie Butter, and more than 10 years of building websites. Don't hire a marketing team that has no background in the Industrial Hemp industry. Instead, hire my team - we eat, sleep, breath, and live hemp everyday!

Traditional Marketing DOES NOT WORK You Need Our Help!


We have years of experience building and maintaining high converting e-commerce websites. You need to stand out in this fast growing hemp industry and we know how to create content, photos and product pages that convert. Not only does your website need to look good, it also needs to perform well or you'll lose the customers you worked so hard to find.

We'll take your ideas and create a website that works great on both desktop and mobile devices. Our design team specializes in mobile-friendly websites, which make up for over 60% of online sales. We've seen a 400% increase in our mobile sales during 2016.

There are so many choices when it comes to selling your products online. We've tried them all over the last 10 years, and we'll help you choose the right applications for your goals. Picking the right platforms without wasting a lot of time and money is priceless.

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Our SEO Team will get your brand and website ranked on the first page of Google, Bing, Yahoo, and many more. We know and understand the most cost effective ways to drive motivated buyers to your site and to convert them into sales.

The savvy and knowledgeable Hippie Butter team can plan, prepare, and maintain your brand's reputation from start to finish in the top search engines. Google loves well-written content and product pages over any other metric. Over 90% of all sales come from searches listed on the first page, using long-tailed keywords. If you're not an SEO expert you don't have a chance.

We've partnered with some of the best SEO experts to help create social boosts, important backlinks, blog posts and content to make YOUR BRAND the authority in your niche. Search engines will reward your website when your brand is considered "the expert" with low cost traffic that converts well.


Hippie Butter is the best when it comes to marketing your hemp products to new customers. More trust and sales come from social media over all other media. Let me ask you a quick question, would you rather buy from a stranger or a friend? We will show you how to make every stranger a friend and a customer! We educate and inform over 600,000 active social media followers about Industrial Hemp everyday.

Email Marketing design, creation and maintenance is another one of our specialties. Email is still one of the most cost effective ways of driving sales. We can design a custom email template that compliments your brand, create content that will build long lasting relationships, create high converting sign-up forms and Auto-Responders with email funnels that will turn leads into customers.

Social Media Marketing is the cheapest way to drive customers to your website, it's also the hardest. Facebook, Instagram and many more are making it harder for people to interact with your brand. We'll help you schedule posts, create content, and gain followers on all the top social media sites.

Google Adwords and Facebook Ads are the fastest ways to grow your new company and we're the best when it comes to hemp marketing on both platforms with specialized retargeting campaigns. There are many rules and regulations you need to follow to advertise hemp products and we know them all.

Brand-building gets a bad rap. It takes so much more than colors, logos, and images of cannabis - it's your promise to your customers, and a demonstration of what they can expect from your company. We'll help uncover what differentiates your brand from others and compels your customers to choose you! There are literally hundreds of channels and tools out there on which you can spend precious marketing dollars. We know which channels and tools work, and which don't. Building a step-by-step blueprint that amplifies your brand and shows you how to invest your money in the right places is our main goal.

Let us be your Mentor If you don't have someone to ask questions and show you the steps it takes to be successful, you're going to spend more time and money in the long run trying to figure it out on your own. We have already spent thousands of hours and even more money learning how to sell Industrial Hemp products.

Set up an appointment with us today and let's get started on creating the next Hempreneur. Our awesome team is on standby to help you grow your brand - no matter how big or small. Don't hire a marketing firm that charges large fees, never explains how your money is being spent, and doesn't have a clue about Industrial Hemp.


Hippie Butter, LLC – – 972-354-3504

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More About Us

I'm Brad Ervin, former chef, 25-year rock 'n' roll sound engineer, and now the CHO (Chief Hemp Officer) of Hippie Butter Hemp Seed Food Products. As I toured the world with such artists as George Strait, Bette Midler, Paul McCartney, and many others, I discovered, the "superfood," hemp seeds. During a tour in Canada, I became sick and exhausted from long hours and bad food so common in the entertainment industry. I was hungry and stopped at a convenience store that happened to carry hemp seeds. I bought some, loved the nutty, crunchy taste, and started to eat a handful a day. It wasn't long before I was feeling more energized, less stressed with a heightened sense of well-­being.

Since hemp seeds were too good to keep to myself, I brought home a small stock to my wife, a thyroid patient, who also found that the hemp seeds made her feel better, increased her energy and sense of well-being. She passed them along to her friends. Soon, many people were clamoring for my hemp seeds. I couldn't keep up with the demand and decided to start buying hemp seeds by the case but ran into a problem - it was hard to find U.S. companies who carried hemp seeds and finding quality hemp seeds was next to impossible. "There should be a company that makes a wide variety of high-quality hemp seed products in America!" That was my "light bulb" moment and three years ago I created Hippie Butter and launched

Our mission is simple: to purchase, promote and deliver a growing line of delicious, nutritious, 100% organic gourmet hemp seed foods, beverages, and skin/hair-care products for people who live a natural lifestyle, love healthy foods and work to leave a healthy planet for future generations.

Hippie Butter, LLC – – 972-354-3504

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