JFK By Alexis Mandernach

Lee Harvey Oswald

Was JFK Assassinated by Lee Harvey Oswald? Lee Harvey Oswald’s first target was Edwin A. Walker, a Army General. Lee Harvey Oswald killed JFK when he was in the Texas School Book Depository Building. When JFK was in the motorised car. The reason Oswald killed JFK was for the Unites States Notes. He signed a presidential document called Executive Order 11110 on June 4,1963. When Lee Harvey Oswald was in the Book Depository, he saw the gunman that killed JFK. This has been a fact that there were two gunmen involved in the shooting, but Lee Harvey Oswald was not one of them. When they checked the fingerprints on the gun, they found no match of Lee Harvey Oswald’s fingerprints. The gun that shot JFK was a weak gun because it only hit JFK twice. The gun was not a rifle, but it was a really old gun.

Edwin A. Walker

Most of the people say that Lee Harvey Oswald killed JFK. But it is a fact that Lee Harvey saw the gunman who killed JFK. There were two gunman. When JFK was in the motorised car he won’t the car hode down not up so the people could see him and that is how he got shot the hood would of deflected the bullet by a little so it would not it him by that much. Because he said that when the judge said did you kill JFK he said i have no idea what you are talking about and when they pulled out his gun they said is this your gun and did you shot JFK with it and he said that is not my gun and I did not shot JFK . There i found neurologists testifying that a nerve ending can explode when it hit by a bullet and that two trajectories- where the bullet came from and which way the nerve fragments fly- are not necessarily related. So the evidence of Frame 313 was at least ambiguous; it said nothing, one way or the other, about the plausibility of a second- gunman theory. Kennedy was shot twice: first through the neck (by the bullet that went on to pierce connally), then in the head.

Texas School Book Depository Building.

I remember watching the fully restored film on TV. It really was horrifying. You saw the top of President Kennedy’s head literally blown off. But it was creepy for another reason: the blown-off piece of his head blew backwards. In other words,it looked like that fatal bullet was fired not from behind Kennedy,like the first bullet,but from in front of him. Were there two gunman after all- Oswald in the book depository and someone else perched in the area know as the “grassy knoll”? The firm discovered that, on Frame 312, Kennedy’s head slammed a tiny bit forward, and much more quickly than it jolted backward an instant later on Frame 313. The implication: The bullet hit his head from behind, pushing im forward, then a nerve exploded, which happened to push him backward. Every year, nearly 350,000 people visit the place where Lee Harvey Oswald waited on November 22, 1963, to shoot at the President’s motorcade. The museum itself is an oddity because of its physical connection to the event it illuminates; the most.

What JFK said before he died

This a video that explains what happened to JFK when he got shot by Lee Harvey Oswald.

I believe that Lee Harvey Oswald did not kill JFK because he saw the person who killed JFK in the Texas School Book Depository Building on the sixth floor. When they brought Lee Harvey Oswald to the police station they ask did you kill JFK and he said i have now idea what you are talking about, then they showed his gun and ask him again did you kill JFK with this gun and he said that is not my gun i don’t know what you are talking about. When Lee Harvey Oswald was getting out of the police station this one guy comes and shoot Lee Harvey Oswald in the stomach and they put him on a stretcher then he dies in the hospital. Befor he went to Texas Lee Harvey Oswald was a Army guy that survived for are country, then he quit because he failed to kill Edwin A. Walker the Army General. When Lee Harvey Oswald moved to Texas he went to the Texas School Book Depository Building to shoot JFK.


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