Raise Awareness: Rally style

Although, freedom of speech is a right that everyone possesses, that privilege must come with wisdom. Teachers and staff need to participate in training's to be prepared to handle bullying when it occurs. Parents should also be more proactive in monitoring their child’s online behavior. These preventive measures can help protect children. Also, students should be encouraged to speak up if they are ever bullied.

Many cases of suicidal have occurred because people are not mature and want nothing but revenge. Through the cases, some individuals have committed suicide because of loneliness, harassment and depression. Other cases may not go as far as death, but victims still face the same symptoms.

If it is discovered that a child is being cyber bullied, offer comfort and support. A parent could talk about any bullying experiences they had in their childhood, this might help the child feel less alone. It is important to let the child know that it's not his or her fault, and that bullying says more about the bully than the victim.


An example is the story of a girl named Amanda Todd. She was introduced to an anonymous people on a video group chat who flattered her so much to the point of convincing her to flash her topless body to them. Without Amanda's knowledge someone had taken a screenshot of her. A year later, an anonymous person sent her the picture and it went viral, creating a mass of bullying and teasing to the point that she had to change schools several times. Her reputation was ruined, she had no friends, she was beaten up by some classmates, she tried drinking bleach but was saved at the last minute. Months later, Amanda Todd took her own life. Cases such as hers happen way to often.

The effects of cyber bullying are very real and come in many forms. People are getting hurt and lives are being lost, they are also suffering long term effects such as depression and anxiety. More students, parent, and teachers should take on a more proactive role in anti-bullying curriculum. Parents and teachers need to take caution with watching over children in order to prevent cyber bullying. If everyone comes together then cyber bullying can be stopped.

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