Pygmy Goat Abby Blanton

scientific name

Capra aegagrus hircus


Pygmy Goat Distribution. There is a huge diverse habitat for the Pygmy Goat due to the fact that they are able to adapt to a variety of climates and conditions. It is believed that they were domesticated as early as 7,000 B.C. It is also believed that they are now found around the world.


A basic diet of hay and clean drinking water should be supplemented by 2-8 oz of concentrates a day, depending on age and condition. Pygmy goats are “browsers” not grazers - they should not be considered as lawnmowers. Vegetables and fruit should be added to their diet.

Physical Description

The Pygmy goat is a breed of miniature domestic goat. ... The pygmy goat is quite hardy, an asset in a wide variety of settings, and can adapt to virtually all climates. Castrated males are called wethers and can be shown in pet classes.

Breeding info

Pygmy goats are precocial and polyestrous breeders; bearing one to four young every nine to 12 months after a five-month gestation period. Does are usually bred for the first time at about 18 to 24 months, although they may conceive as early as two months if care is not taken to separate them early from male kids.

Unique Anatomy

Weird Info

Can wear Pajamas


The End

Pygmy Goats


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