The Jainism Religion A Blissful And Liberated Way Of Living

A Fordable Passage Across The Sea
Rishabhanatha and Virdhamana: The first teaching god in India and also the creator While Mahavira was the founder of Jainism.


Jain individuals do not necessarily speak of "God"as a god, but rather speak of him as the perfect being who helps people souls become liberated when they destroy their Karmas.
Dharma: The path belief of non injury in order to keep their "Jivas"(souls) from receiving any types of karma
Karma determines the quality of your life whether it's good or bad. Therefore, in order to achieve liberation one had to decay all of it's Karma.
Jains beliefs for souls were as followed: SOULS live on for an eternity. SOULS are independent. The responsibility of the SOUL relies on itself. SOULS shall experience the consequences of its own humane actions. SOULS can become liberated from the cycle of birth, death, and rebirth
A belief of a 5 way split universe

1st Region:"The Supreme Abode" The life of the liberates.

2nd Region:"The Upper World" Outerspace

3rd Region:"The Middle World" The only place on can achieve liberation and enlightenment.

4th region:"The Lower World"The Hell Of Torment.

5th Region:"The Base" The lowest forms of life

Adharma Stand fOr soULs at reSt
Believe in a divine or a devotion of a good being, but do not now whether gods exist or not.


Agamas- The debate of a savior who has succeeded in crossing over life's stream of rebirths.
Tattvartha Sutra- The 1st Script written in Sanskrit language.
The Saman Suttam text consisted of 44 chapters of the major teaching sects.
Jainism Temple In India

The Jainism religion made individuals like Kshatriyas loose their fighting spirit

The Jainism religion had a great impact on the religious groups and their lives. This religion practiced the idea of social equality which broke barriers of evil. It promoted feelings of the social unity. Their most important contribution was the art and architecture they withhold.

The Religions influenced one another in different ways.


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