Limited Edition Valentines Let us Love on YOU this Valentines Season

The Limited Session | 600

Complimentary Professional Makeup & Hair

60 Minutes Session

Romantic Pink Room + Classic Studio

Wardrobe from Couture Closet includes our NEW Housewife Robe

Unlimited Wardrobe Changes

Prep Guide with What to Wear Suggestions

Gallery Reveal + Ordering Appointment

[Option to split session fee into two payments, first at booking, 2nd due December 6th]


Clients are responsible for their lingerie & Shoes to pair with Couture Robe and Skirts

*unless indicated Images are purchased Separately, all prices subject to gst


Classic Collection | 1600

Little Black Box with 5 Mounted Prints [5x7]

Mobile App with 2 Corresponding Images

150 a-la-carte Credit


Luxe Collection | 2600

Heirloom Album with 20 Images [8x10]

Corresponding Digitals on Keepsake USB

Aluminum Wall Art [20x30]

250 a-la-carte Credit


Elite Collection | 4600

Heirloom Album [9x12] with 40 Images

Corresponding Digitals on Keepsake USB

Aluminum Wall Art [24x36]

Custom Phone App

350 a-la-Carte Credit

Digital Collection

On Keepsake USB

20 Digital Images | 2200

40 Digital Images | 4000



Wall arrangement of Aluminum Prints

Petite Gallery | 1600

One 16x24 + Two 11x14


Add-ons include images purchased within a collection

Retro Viewmaster | 450

Videobook | 450

ICE Block | 350

Heirloom Box | 2000

Glass 8x10 Box with 10 Matted 5x7 Prints

Wall Art

11x14 | 550

16x25 | 950

20x30 | 1200

24x36 | 1600

We are so excited to be able to give women this incredibly empowering experience that reminds them of their self worth and that beauty comes in all shapes!


I have cellulite/stretch marks/acne. Can you get rid of that?

In most cases the answer is yes. Removal of acne, acne scarring, stretchmarks, and cellulite is part of the retouching process. What I don’t do is alter or morph body parts. If there is something you feel self-conscious about, please discuss it with me ahead of time and we can use poses and lighting to emphasize your best features instead.

In some cases I may not be able to edit it away completely. If you’d like a personalized consultation to discuss it, just let me know.

I’m older or not as thin as the girls on your website, can I still book a session?

This question makes me sad! Every woman deserves to have the experience to feel confident in their own skin. What I can promise is that I will create images to flatter YOU and best show your personality. I believe every woman is beautiful and it’s my job to show you just how gorgeous you are, the way you are.

Do I bring my own lingerie, or do you provide the outfits?

You need to bring your own lingerie to your session and can also borrow something from our exclusive client closet. We want to make sure you arrive with something you know fits perfectly. Select outfits that suit your personality and body shape, and complement your skin tone. If you need help with outfit ideas, or you’d like to discuss wardrobe, send me an email! The biggest tip I can give is to choose piece that fit properly regardless of the size. You can always check out Pinterest for some ideas as well.

What about hair and makeup ?

Hair and makeup is complimentary with my sessions. My incredible stylists have been hand-picked for their talent and beautiful personalities. Professional artists have the ability to produce make-up which is ready to stand up on camera and last the day. I want to provide an experience that makes you feel beautiful and pampered, and images that will help you appreciate the true beauty you possess!

Where do the shoots take place?

Unless you've booked a limited special location then your session will take place in my home studio in Airdrie, Alberta. We have several sets including the bed, floral wall, clawfoot tub, antique vanity and several other furniture pieces that give us beautiful and unique options.

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