Jazz Chords Made Simple

Knowledge of Great Chords, Jazz Chords, Cool Chords, Rich Chords or whatever name you use can be used in any genre of music so this book will appeal to amateur/professional performers, composers, producers and educators in the classical, pop and jazz styles who work at the keyboard or piano.

It uses a unique method based on simple hand shapes that works in every key so you will be playing Great Chords from the start without getting bogged down in technicalities!

Rethink How You Play Chords
"Using muscle memory as a starting point."

In the traditional method of learning how to play chords you will learn some technicalities, apply them to the keyboard and then when they become second nature your brain uses muscle memory to recall them .

As a test, play a C major triad on the piano.

RESULT: You locked on to the note C and put your hands on the keys and just played it. You didn’t think about the individual notes or relationship between individual notes. It was a result of muscle memory.

Great chords can be played with this muscle memory as well!

So with this method you will use muscle memory as a starting point to minimize the technicalities and to spend more time learning, playing, and writing with great chords.

What you will learn.

You'll learn that a great chord consists of a bass note and a voicing.

You'll learn 14 voicings that have similar hand shapes.

You'll learn about open and closed voicings.

You'll learn simple finger movements that work in every key to develop a set of 'core chords' that will fit in II-V major and minor progressions.

You'll also learn about Colouration Harmony™ which is a technique for creating extra zing to the core chords; again with consistent and simple finger movements.

By knowing the 14 voicings and the simple one finger movements to create over 84 'core chords' you don't have to learn over 84 chords separately!

There are exercises and training pieces throughout the book with direct access to recordings of them. You can hear some of these in the following short film or by pressing this link.

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“It has influenced my compositions and commissions for choir and added to my piano business.”

“Having become very despondent with the complexity of many pop and jazz piano books this book by Al Gurr has been a revelation to me. The 'Quick Start' section helped me to start playing great 13th chords in the first few minutes. I have used this book for some time now and I have had many people comment on how my style of piano playing has developed and matured. What used to be a daunting challenge, reading many of the common chords in music has now become a more relaxing and enjoyable experience thanks to this simple method. It has influenced my compositions and commissions for choirs and added to my piano teaching business.”

“Being a guitarist and a beginner on the piano, this method has allowed me to play great chords instantly!”
“It uses simple yet powerful ideas”

“After teaching Classical Music on the piano for more than 20 years, I considered it was time to learn more. My own playing, composing and teaching needed an injection of something new. Al Gurr, and the strategies he has outlined in his book, have certainly given me an antidote to often predictable and average sounding music. I am now able to easily discover the answers to musical conundrums that traditional methods often create.There are many music tutor books I have purchased over the years. This is one of the best. It uses simple yet powerful ideas, conveys them well and then shows you how to incorporate them into your own playing and writing.”

“..perfect for players that just want to play!”

“This book is SO much more practical & gets from A to B without needing to understand what you don't need to understand, which is perfect for players that just want to play!”

“It will have you playing more fluently than you could ever believe!”

“The book develops the pianist's understanding of 'jazz' harmony quickly and progressively, skilfully encouraging technical economy of left hand movement and simultaneously

  1. introducing new jazz colours and
  2. freeing up the right hand to be more creative.

It will have you playing more fluently than you could ever believe!”

“This book transformed my life as an amateur pianist.”

“This book transformed my life as an amateur pianist. This method by Al Gurr enabled me to play, after 12 months, any voicings in all 12 keys instantly and so I'm now able to play with other musicians anywhere, anytime and with confidence.”

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