Francisco Vasquez Coronado By: Ari Wilke

Francisco Vasquez Coronado was born in 1540 in Salamanca, Spain into a very wealthy family. Unfortunately Coronado did not inherit the family fortune.

In the year of 1530 rumors started to circulate of riches in the land just above Mexico. Coronado set off to explore Mexico, to his it just so happened that Coronado was friends with the Vicery of mexico and hoped that he would let Coronado explore.

In 1536 while exploring lands north of Mexico, an explorer named Alvar Nunez Cabeza de Vaca claimed that he had found seven cities made of gold. At first Coronado did not believe these rumors but then came more claims that there were seven cities of gold. In 1540 the Vicery of Mexico sent Coronado (and a group of men) on an expedition to find the seven cities of gold. In October of 1540 Coronado and his men returned from the expedition empty handed. The group decided to split up to find other treasures, some of his men discovered the Grand Canyon others discovered the Colorado plateau.

In 1542 Coronado and his men were almost positive that there was not any gold to be found and returned to Mexico empty handed. When Coronado returned to Mexico the Vicery was not pleased with his failure and charged Coronado with neglecting his duty. Coronado was eventually cleared from charges. Although Coronado was lifted from all charges against him, Coronado was continued to be cast out. Coronado then went on and testified the governor of New Spain, this helped his regain favor with the people. Coronado was rewarded with a peice of land for his service.

In the year of 1554 Francisco Vasquez Coronado dies.

In a letter to His Magisty Coronado states "After nine days' march I reached some plains, so vast that i did not find their limit anywhere that I went, although I traveled over them for more than 300 leagues". In this sentence Coronado refers to the Great Plains.

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