Suspension Systems Switch & curve® SMART TRACK™ VS. RIGHT ANGLE

Modernfold takes pride in the reliability and durability of its industry-leading suspension systems. For over 40 years, Modernfold's high-quality track has created ultimate versatility and flexibility, allowing for multiple room setups and convenient sight and sound separation. Modernfold engineers two types of suspension systems: Switch & Curve® Smart Track™ and Right Angle.

Switch & Curve® Smart Track™ Suspension Systems

Modernfold's Switch & Curve® Smart Track™ technology, the industry's preferred suspension system, provides effortless and error-proof operation and requires less maintenance when compared to Right Angle.

Switch & Curve® Smart Track™ solves complex switching challenges without the added expense and maintenance requirements of alternative systems. This suspension system provides staging and sorting abilities, while reducing operational confusion, setup costs, and trolley stress.

Switch & Curve® Smart Track™ trolley and track intersections are pre-programmed to predetermine their direction. This type of layout is available on all single panel layouts, but is especially recommended when panels exceed 20-feet in height. For Switch & Curve® Smart Track™ suspension systems, Modernfold offers a warranty period of 5-20 years, well-above the industry average of two years.

Right Angle Suspension Systems

Right Angle suspension systems were developed to provide grid pattern layout options. With both aluminum and steel track, these laboratory-tested suspensions systems are able to withstand abuse without wear and tear.

Trolleys consist of two counter rotating wheels with steel thrust bearings. The carriers for these multi-directional systems permit panels to traverse L, T, or X intersections easily, without mechanical switching.

The Right Angle suspension system – available for panels up to 20-feet tall – is most effective in space solutions where grid layouts are a must. Modernfold offers a 2-5 year warranty period for Right Angle suspension systems.

In the Right Angle layout, panels can, at the operator’s discretion, be taken in either direction at each track intersection in the layout. This has the potential to confuse the operator regarding where to place panels in an opening, resulting in panels ending in an incorrect sequence.

With anticipated errors in trolley intersection points, sequencing, and general operation, using Right Angle track tends to be more labor-intensive and requires additional time to set up.

See video below for side-by-side comparison of these two suspension systems:

Suspension System Time Study

Using a sample population representative of individuals that are most likely to operate a movable wall, Modernfold measured the time required to set up both a 25 panel and 50 panel movable wall system, using both Switch & Curve® Smart Track™ and Right Angle suspension systems.

The results were apparent, as individuals managed to set up the movable wall using Switch & Curve® Smart Track™ over 40 percent quicker compared to Right Angle:

To put this data into perspective:

  • A 25-panel movable wall that needs to be set-up twice per day, can be done using Switch & Curve® Smart Track™ an average of nine minutes faster per day as opposed to Right Angle track.
  • This measurement translates to forty-five minutes of time-savings for a typical work week.
  • If this wall is set up twice a day for an entire year (52 weeks), 39 hours in total will be saved using Switch & Curve® Smart Track™.
  • In other words, the individual responsible for setting up this movable wall will save an entire work week(!) each year using Switch & Curve® Smart Track™ suspension systems.

Modernfold applied the time study findings for an individual earning a minimum-wage salary and responsible for setting up the movable wall (see chart above). Using $7.25 as the compensation per hour for this individual, 3.8% of his or her annual salary ($1,401 - $826 = $575) can be saved and utilized for other purposes if a Switch & Curve® Smart Track™ suspension system is applied.

The above example represents a minimal effect, as larger movable walls and larger salaries can create over $30,000 of savings throughout a ten-year period! See example below of a 50-panel movable wall operated by a receptionist making $19.00 per hour:

How many labor dollars will YOU save using a Switch & Curve® Smart Track™ suspension system? Modernfold identified the following formulas for an approximation:


See the following for an example calculation, using the formulas above:

  • Number of Panels: 175
  • Additional Error Minutes: 45 (estimate; time includes extra right angle track labor, breaks, operator errors, trolley errors, etc).
  • Salary: $56,516 (the median U.S. salary in 2019).
  • Number of times wall is set up per day: 2 (one in morning and one in evening).

A movable wall under these circumstances would save $18,014 annually in labor dollars if a Switch & Curve® Smart Track™ suspension system is applied rather than Right Angle track.


The posing question is... with Switch & Curve® Smart Track™, what will you be doing instead of spending unnecessary extra time setting up a movable wall?

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