The Last Ticket By: DAniel chong

" Harry, Harry! Time to go," Mum chivvies.

"Coming Mum!" I say as I use the bog roll in the WC. I was getting ready to get to school when mum called me downstairs. I have just ended elementary school a couple months ago. I was starting a posh in British school. There are English schools in UK and I am still learning the American language. I used to go to an elementary school in America, but now I go to UK schools. I bimble down the stairs into the vehicle and I said " Pardon me " to my clothes that were laying on the floor.

"What was all that bollocks about?" Mum questions.

"I don't know Mum. I was just distracted," I say.

On my way to school I saw a strange piece of paper stuck in the fence. I picked it up and saw a writing that said "titanic". What does titanic mean ? I will bring it home and do some research on it , I thought to myself as I took a gander. As I bimbled towards the school, I got a bit nervous when the door opened. I haven't been to a British school since I've learned how to read. Mum has taught me my standard British slang , while I've been learning at the American schools.

" Hello students," the teacher announced kindly, " My name is James." He roll calls everyone to make sure if someone is missing. " Harry? Are you here?" he questions as he calls out names . " Harry? I guess he's not here -, "

" I'm here!" Harry rushes to say as he barges through the door.

" If you didn't get here on time mister Harry, then we would have had a big argy-bargy." Mr. James warned Harry.

Throughout the day the we learnt and a part of the day we had teatime. Some of the stuff we learned sounded like absolute rubbish. As I went home I heard a bunch of my new chums were talking about some "unsinkable ship". I heard .... some of the information when my chums were yammering on. I was sort of knew the gen.

" Cheerio!" One of my buds told me.

They called it a titanic. Where have I heard titanic? Where?!

Thoughts were racing through my head. Then I felt something poking in my pocket . I pulled it out and realized that the ticket was a pass on the titanic. This was so blatant that for a second I felt duff.

The ticket was not usable because the ship was scheduled to sail in 1912, but the year in the present was 2005. I was arse over elbow to get home . I guess I was quite dear to get to have this opportunity to learn about this mass marvel ,or just simply, this was all a fluke.

This information was going to be smashing!

mum- a mother

chivvy- to encourage someone to do something they do not want to do; to hurry

bog roll- toilet paper

WC- restroom/ bathroom

posh-high class

Pardon me- Excuse me

Bollocks- Nonsense

gander-a quick look

argy-bargy -loud argument or disagreement that is not usually serious

rubbish-worthless and unwanted things or ideas; garbage

chum-a friend

yammering-to talk continuously for a long time in a way that is annoying to other people

gen-information about a particular subject


blatant-very obvious and intentional, when this is a bad thing

duff-bad, not useful, or not working

arse over elbow- head over heals

dear-loved or greatly liked

fluke- something good that has happened that is the result of chance instead of skill planning

smashing- terrific


Created with images by Elsie esq. - "Titanic model" • Tim Green aka atoach - "Armley Board School (former)" • Images of History - "RMS Olympic Broadside View Post-Titanic"

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