Vercingetorix Gallic hero

Sculpture of Vercingetorix commissioned by Emperor Napoleon III, built on Mont Auxois

Vercingetorix was born to Arverni tribe, located in central Gaul (now France), around the time 75 BCE. Gaul revolted after being forced to undergo changes, such as accepting Roman laws and practices. This also labeled them as a defeated nation, making the nationalism of the people rise. The people of Gaul had previously fought against and fended off the Germanic peoples, who sought out land from the Celtic people. The result of the war was many Celtic deaths, with the rest fleeing back to their clans. Vercingetorix surrendered, being brought back to Rome and imprisoned. He was brought out almost five years later during Caesar's campaign march, and was then killed by strangulation or beheading.

Left: Gold stater of Vercingetorix, Cabinet des M├ędailles. This depiction is idealized and/or symbolic. Right: Caesar's campaign back to Rome with the captured Vercingetorix.

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