Alfred B. Nobel Dynamite Inventor

Alfred Nobel's Life

  1. Alfred was born on October 21, 1833.
  2. He was born in Stockholm, Sweden.
  3. Later on in his life he became an inventor, businessman, and introduced the Nobel Prizes.
  4. Alfred did not get married.
  5. He died in December 10, 1896 in Sanremo, Italy.
Alfred thinking about his next invention.
His dynamite invention
Dynamite has an explosive (A), a container(B), a ignitor(C), and a fuse(D).

Awesome Facts

  1. Alfred built dynamite to help with safety of building bridges and breaking rocks.
  2. Alfred has 355 patents worldwide.
  3. Alfred established 90 armaments factories.
  4. Alfred was known as the "Merchant of Death".
  5. Alfred Nobel's great-great-great grandfather was one of the most important Swedish scientist of the 17th century.

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