4Days@Vietnam english for effective communication skills

November 22, 2016. We are getting depart from Donmueng airport. Our flight will take for 2 hours to Hanoi. We will start our first day trip soon. Hope we will have a nice trip. Before this trip will be take place, we wrote workplan and booked the hotel also the flight already.

Our trip has a purpose for learning also traveling through Vietnam north and south. We have 4 people from different divisions of office of the president. So we aim to get variety of experiences at Vietnam

We fly with air asia. The flight arrived at Noi-bai international airport around 9 am.

The local time of Vietnam is the same as Thailand's time.

When we arrived, we find out currency exchange. Then we decided to exchange Thai baht to Vietnamese Dong at VietinBank because the rate is better than the others.

Normally, 150 THB is about 100,000 VND

After we finished exchange the money, we find the shop for buying internet sim card. We needed it to access the Google map. It will be the main navigator for this trip.

After surveying we chose package 3 for 200,000 VND and we got 8GB high speed internet to share with 4 person. The internet speed in Vietnam was very good, although we accessed together we felt so smooth.

Our first meal at Vietnam was a fast-food at the airport. Not too many choices because we were very hungry at that time.


After finished our breakfast, we looked for a city map to plan for transportation to the hotel.

We also used google map as a main navigation. The Google map is a great tools because it has many choices of routes for us depends on how we transport (by bus, by train, on foot). It has plenty of information even the bus number also the fees, Google map could tell us.

Around 10.30 am we took the bus no.7 to the city. It was the only one bus to where we wanted. There was a problem about the bus stop. When we came outside the airport to take a bus, we could not find exact bus stop where the bus no.7 would be passed. Then we tried to ask for it with local people around there. Unfortunately they could not speak English at all but luckily the bus no.7 suddenly came to the bus stop where we stayed.

The bus took around 40 minutes from airport to the city. Vietnam bus service was similar to Thai bus service in case of the bus itself and the ticket taker. The bus which we took was an air-conditioning bus but the air-conditioner seemed did not work. The only different thing from Thailand that we saw was the traffic lane. In Thailand the lane for slow speed driver is the left lane, but in Vietnam it is opposite because the car and the bus in Vietnam they all have a left steering wheel. So if they drive slowly, they will keep right instead of keep left.

Then we got off the bus no.7 and waited for the bus no.34 at the bus stop. (We followed the bus route on Google map.)

The bus no.34 took us closed to the hotel. Then we had to continue walking around 10 minutes. In fact the bus no.34 looked better than the bus no.7. At least the air conditioner was worked.

We checked in at the hotel around 1pm. We had to stay here for 2 nights.(Angle Palace Hotel) The hotel was good looking although it had a narrow space in the room and pathway.

Angel Palace Hotel

After leaved our baggage at the hotel, we visited the fine arts museum around 1 hour to learn about Vietnamese arts and crafts. There were many Vietnamese arts which similar to Thai arts such as Kinaree, Garuda, Etc.

Finearts museum
After visited the museum, we bough a one day trip to halongbay for our tomorrow trip. This trip we could practice our English skills with the local tour guide. We decided to buy with the agency which the price of package was cheap as we could accepted.

Then we went to the theater on foot to buy a ticket for water puppet show. Our round was 8 pm.

Then we walked around the old quarter of Hanoi and took some photos around the lake and Ngoc son temple. Most of the trip was on foot because many tourist attraction points were close together, so it was very easy for us to walk from place to place.

Ngoc son temple

To cross the roads in Vietnam, you have to pay attention too much because it has many motorcycles on the road. It seems that Vietnamese normally take the motorcycle as a main vehicle.

Our dinner was a traditional noodle of Vietnam which called Pho. You could selected the meat as you wanted. There were choice of beef or chicken for you to choose.

Our last activity of the day was watching water puppet show. It was an original show of Vietnam. The lights and sounds were very clear and perfect. The show told the story about Vietnam history also Vietnamese lifestyle. On the show, they used traditional Vietnamese musical instruments and sang a song in Vietnam language. Although we could not understood Vietnam language we had fun, in the same time we learned a lot about Vietnam from the show.

Water pupet show

We finished our first day by took night photos around the lake. It was a very beautiful scenery ever. Most of the places around old quarter were decorated with the colorful lights.

November 23, 2016. The second day of our trip. We had a breakfast at the hotel.

Then we started to go to halongbay with our local tourguide. He picked us up infront of the hotel.

On the way to Halongbay, the tour guide gave us some useful information about Vietnam and Halongbay.

On 1pm. The bus took us to Halongbay port .We spent time on bus around 3 hours.

Then we were on the boat and had lunch there.

Our lunchtime at Halongbay

The boat took 30 minutes to the floating village.

Floating village

At the village we could select the activities that we want to do. There were kayaking and sailing bamboo boat. We decided to choose bamboo boat because we had not much skill on kayaking.

Bamboo boat sailing

After finished sailing bamboo boat, we traveled along through the Thien Cung Cave. The tour guide described some brief information about Halongbay and Thien Cung Cave before we entered.

thien cung cave

Thien Cung Cave was a very beautiful cave by its natural made stone inside. Most of them we could saw that their shape was similar to many things in a real world such as dolphin, lion, man, woman, etc.

Inside thien cung cave

We took the bus 3 hours back to hanoi and had a dinner at the local restaurant. (We were so hungry.)

Diiner at hanoi local restaurant

We ended up our day at circle k. (The convenience store in Vietnam)

Vietnam convenient store

November 24, 2016. We started our third day trip at the hotel lobby waited for a bus driver to pick us up to the Noibai airport. We had to do share and learn activity at UEH, Hochiminh city.

Our flight from Hanoi to Hociminh was on 8.45 am.

We fly with vietjet airline. It was a domestic flight.

On the way to hochiminh

The flight was delayed for one hour. After arrived at the airport, we took the shuttle bus to the hotel.

Shuttle bus service

The bus took us 45 minutes to the bus stop close to the hotel. We checked in at Aston hotel around 1pm.

Aston hotel
After checked in, we walked to find a restaurant for our lunch on the way to UEH. Finally we decied to have PHO again.

Then we hurried walked to UEH because we made appointment with UEH'staff around 2pm.

On the way to UEH

We arrived at UEH on time. Then we met UEH'staff for shared and learn in the topic of quality assurance and educational technology. We exchanged our working experience together. It was very useful for us to apply some good things of UEH to MU when we came back to work.

Share and learn activity

After finished shared and learn activity at UEH, we went to the independence palace. It was not far away from there, so we went on foot.

Independence palace
After that we decided to buy a half day trip of Cu Chi tunnel for our last day trip.

Then we came back to the hotel to take a rest. In the evening we walked from our hotel to Central post office and Notre Dame Cathedral.

Central post office and Notre Dame Cathedral

We finished our day with dinner. We decided to choose Vietnamese food at the local restaurant on the way back to our hotel.

Local food for dinner
November 25, 2016.The last day of our trip. We started our trip on the bus went to Cu Chi tunnel.

On the way to Cu Chi tunnel we stop for a while to watch Vietnamese did the great and beautiful craft works.

Craft works

When we arrived at Cu Chi Tunnel, firstly, the local tour guide showed us how to stand in the hole to hide from the US soldier. After that we had a chance to try.

Cu Chi Tunnel activity

After that the tour guide showed us many kind of traps of Cu Chi guerrilla which were used to fight against US soldier at the war time. We also learned many ways how Cu Chi guerrilla tried to live at that moment.

How Cu Chi guerrilla tried to live

Then we had a chance to enter to tunnel of Cu Chi guerilla. It just a small and narrow way inside also had just a bit oxygen. We had to crawl most of the way. Finally we came out safely.

Cu Chi Tunnel activity
Before went out Cu Chi tunnel, we watched a short film about Cu Chi. It gave us an overview of Cu Chi area, Cu Chi people , how they fighted against US army at the war time. After finished we took the bus back to Hochiminh.

We asked the tourguide to drop us near the war remnants museum. Before we entered the museum, we had lunch at the local restaurant around there. We ordered a set of Nam Nueng. It was quite different from Nam Nueng in Thailand.

Vietnam Nam Nueng

At the War Remnants Museum, we saw how bad of the war, how people suffered from it. We realized that, we were so lucky to be Thai people. How lucky that we have had the best king ever from the past until now.

War Remnants Museum

Then we went on foot to the Hochiminh museum as a last place for our trip because we had to prepare to go to the airport for a flight back to Thailand.

Hochiminh museum

After that we came back to the hotel to get our baggage which we leaved since morning. Then we asked for a taxi service to the airport. Taxi service in Vietnam made us excited so much. Anyway the driver had an excellence driving skill ever. He knew the shortcut routes to avoid the traffic jam. He took us to the airport on time also safely.

Taxi Service

When we arrived at the airport, we had a dinner at the restaurant there.

Dinner before flight
We fly with Air Asia and came back to Thailand safely with full of happiness. Thanks for every thing which made this trip to be happened. Thanks for Mahidol University. Thanks for International Relations Division. Thanks for Human Resource Division. Thanks for Asst.Prof. Thasaneeya R. Nopparatjamjomras, Ph.D. Thanks for Vietnamese. Finally, thanks for our good friendship ever.
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